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dc.contributor.authorCornell Small Farms Program
dc.descriptionSmall Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.en_US
dc.description.abstractCONTENTS: SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE -Cornell Small Farms Program Update, Page 3; BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -Future of the Farm, by Rebecca Schuelke-Staehr, Page 8; Diversifying the Farm, by Barbara Gibbs, Page 18; COWS AND CROPS -Cover Crops Case Studies-Stoughton Farm, by Molly Shaw, Page 7; Restocking the Bread Basket, by Martha Herbert Izzi, Page 17; FOREST AND WOODLOT -Get Ready for the Emerald Ash Borer, by Peter Smallidge, Holly Menninger, Mark Whitmore, Charles O’Neil, Jr., Rich Taber, Page 6; Agroforestry Options for the Northeast, by Mike Farrell, Page 14; GRAZING -Hard Times Make for Easy Choice, by Fay Benson, Page 20; HORTICULTURE -Getting Your New Blueberry Planting Off to a Good Start, by Cathy Heidenreich and Marvin Pritts, Page 4; LOCAL FOODS & MARKETING -Vermont’s New Raw Milk Law, by Jennifer Colby, Page 15; NEW FARMERS -Smoothing Out the Learning Curve, by Kevin Straughan, Page 7; New Farmers Gain Ground in Pennsylvania, by Suzanne Milshaw, Page 16; NON-DAIRY LIVESTOCK -Weaning Age of Lambs, by Ulf Kintzel, Page 5; NORTHEAST SARE SPOTLIGHT -Flower City Mushrooms, by Abha Gupta, Page 9; RESOURCE SPOTLIGHTS -Getting Started with Blueberries, Page 4; Help with Farm Financial Management, Page 8; Northeast SARE Upcoming Grants & Deadlines, Page 9; Agroforestry Options, Page 14; Raw Milk Resources, Page 15; State Agricultural Finance Programs, Page 16; SMALL FARM SPOTLIGHTS -Green Earth Farm Celebrates a Successful First Season!, by Erica Frenay, Page 12; STEWARDSHIP & NATURE -Agricultural Environmental Management: Promise Land Farm, by Barbara Silvestri and Gerry Smithson, Page 19; WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE -Stress Management for Women Farmers, by Kristin Reynolds, Page 13; YOUTH PAGES -Bubba was “Some Pig”, by Hannah Stark, Page 10; Poultry as a Passion, by Chloe Barker-Benfield, Page 10; Even A Kid Can Do It!, by Jesse Bonin, Page 11; It’s A Matter of Trust, by Ben Kerner, Page 11; Exploring the Small Farm Dream, by Violet Stone, Christine Im and Emily Wing, Page 11en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCornell Small Farms Program, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, NYS 4-H Teen Program, NY Farm Viability Institute, NY Agricultural Environmental Management, Watershed Agricultural Councilen_US
dc.publisherCornell Small Farms Programen_US
dc.titleSmall Farm Quarterly - Fall 2009en_US

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