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dc.contributor.authorCornell Small Farms Program
dc.descriptionSmall Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.en_US
dc.description.abstractCONTENTS: SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE -Cornell Small Farms Program Update, Page 3; BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -Farm Profit: Making a Life and a Living from Your Farm, by Erica Frenay, Page 16; COMMUNITY AND WORLD -Ghana, Putting A Face On 7 Billion People, by A. Fay Benson, Page 18; DAIRY -Family Dairy Ventures Back into Cheese, by Patricia Brhel, Page 3; Why Consider Off-Farm Dairy Processing?, by Fay Benson, Page 13; FARM TECHNOLOGY - ZEA2™: Changing the Way We Grow Food, by Michael McDonough, Page 5; FARMING COOPERATIVELY -Farmstock: For Farmers, By Farmers, by Sonja Hedlund, Page 20; FOREST, FIELD AND WOODLOT -Changing the Face of Agricultural Landscape: One Gas Well at a Time, by Sue Smith-Heavenrich, Page 4; HOME & FAMILY -Neighbors Growing Winter Greens, by LisaM. Dellwo, Page 14; HORTICULTURE -Late Blight of Tomato and Potato in 2011, by Meg McGrath, Page 17; NEW FARMERS -Starting a Farm Incubator, by David Llewellyn, Page 7; Greenhorns: A Growing Network, by Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Page 12; NON-DAIRY LIVESTOCK -In Defense of Specialization, by Ulf Kintzel, Page 6; Heritage Breeds, by Lindsay Debach, Page 11; NORTHEAST SARE SPOTLIGHT -All Dressed Up and No Place to Snow, by Annie Bass, Page 9; RESOURCE SPOTLIGHTS -Greenhorns Tips for Organizing Young Farmer Events, Page 12; Understanding the Enemy, Page 17; STEWARDSHIP & NATURE -The Wonder of Life, by Bill Duesing, Page 15; Farm Ponds, by Ben Falk, Page 19; VALUE ADDED -Fabrics of Our Livelihoods, by Karey Solomon, Page 8; YOUTH PAGES -What 4-H Means To Me by Jenna Brokaw, Page 10; Brothers Have Fun Raising Rabbits, by Brandon Knoll & Blaine Knoll, Page 10; Raised Bed Gardening, by Megan Rosko, Page 10en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCornell Small Farms Program, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, USDA NRCS, NYS 4-H Team Programen_US
dc.publisherCornell Small Farms Programen_US
dc.titleSmall Farm Quarterly - Summer 2011en_US

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