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dc.contributor.authorBrooks, Rachael
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this restoration plan was to raise the water height of a lake and wetland that had been accidentally drained during road construction, and to remove two plant species, Typha and Fallopia japonica, that established while hydrologic conditions were altered. Returning the water height to an acceptable level was achieved by constructing a weir. This will also aid in eliminating the Typha stand that developed by drowning the cut cattail stocks. Fallopia japonica will be managed by injecting glyphosate into each stock once the plant has reached peak flower.en_US
dc.subjectWatershed Engineeringen_US
dc.subjectInvasive speciesen_US
dc.subjectWeir designen_US
dc.titleHinman Swamp Restoration, Schuyler County, NYen_US
dc.typetechnical reporten_US

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