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dc.contributor.authorBirckmayer, Jennifer
dc.description.abstractChoosing a good day care program for a two-year-old is a puzzling problem for many parents. Teachers and caregivers, too, wonder about the kinds of activities that are most appropriate for very young children. The following description of a safe and interesting day care program for 2-year-olds can be used by parents as a guide to selecting good day care; it can also be used by a day care center to stimulate discussion about program planning and implementation. The first section focuses on a chronological order of events from how to manage early arrivals, to snack time, story time, nap time, through to the end-of-day routines, and several other activities in between. The second section deals with selecting equipment, floor plans, and organization. Although the program described here is not perfect, it would meet New York State Department of Social Services day care licensing standards. The most important clue to the quality of a day care program is found in the feelings and the relationships of the people who participate in the program. If parents feel comfortable in the center and trust the caregivers, if caregivers feel valued loved, and if children feel relaxed, happy, and accepted, the foundation for good care exists. 12 illustrations, 3 floor plan diagrams, a short list of suggested books, and a list of educational equipment by area supplement this informative guide.en_US
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dc.publisherCornell Cooperative Extensionen_US
dc.titleA Day in Day Care: A Program for Two-Year-Oldsen_US

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