In attempts to understand thinking, I have: made maps of various nervous systems, practiced art while under hypnosis, designed an artificial intelligence to read my tarot, read for hours to fish, conducted biochemical experiments on myself and others, stolen linen from the Nobel ceremonies in search of laureate DNA, executed medical illustrations in black velvet, documented dissections of humans, dissected machines and failed to put most of them back together, freely made up vocabulary as needed, removed my teeth to model information systems, induced phobias in myself concerning consciousness in the plant kingdom, donated my body to science and then requested it be returned, observed nerve development in vivo, choreographed synaptic responses, translated EEGs into music, conducted a cartesian exorcism on myself, and attempted to create cognitive models of my own severely confused state.

Recent Submissions

  • 2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Wight, Gail (2007-01-05)
    Personal Zoo is a collection of small fantastical creatures, figments of my imagination, which respond to the visitors of their clinical, lab-like zoo. At the first, their new forms, extra parts, and odd behaviors suggest ...
  • Rockefeller New Media Foundation --Supplementary Material 

    Wight, Gail (2006-12-18)
    12 installation slides: 1-2: "Kings Play Cards..." interactive computer projection. 2003. (installation & main screen) 3-4: "Linnaeuus Unbound" large chart with video activated by touch screen. 2001. 5-8: "Meditations ...
  • 2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Wight, Gail (2006-12-18)
    I have recently been invited to create a piece for an exhibit called 'The Brides of Frankenstein' curated by Marcia Tanner for the San Jose Museum of Art, California. This exhibit would coincide with a Bay Area Cyber Art ...


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