Recent Submissions

  • The Paradox of Commodified Music in Decadence 

    Rolnick, Juliette (2020-06-22)
    This thesis explores music as an art form, in the context of the socioeconomic period of industrialization, where all things, including art, were increasingly commodified. This work is particularly fixed around the 1890s, ...
  • Reading Jacob's Room as a Transmission of Shocks 

    St. Aubin, Adrienne Michelle (2006-05-30)
    This thesis examines Virginia Woolf's 1923 novel Jacob's Room as a transmission of what Woolf in her unfinished memoir refers to as 'shocks.' In A Sketch of the Past, Woolf describes the experience of these shocks and her ...
  • Sidney's Strangers: Language, Materiality, and Authenticity in Astrophil and Stella 

    Lowrance, Bryan (2006-04-17)
    This thesis examines the exegetical, intellectual-historical, and theoretical implications of a particular feature of Philip Sidney?s late sixteenth-century sonnet sequence Astrophil and Stella: its continual anxiety over ...


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