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dc.contributor.authorFerrera-Balanquet, Raul
dc.description.abstract"Traveling Corners/Esquinas Rodantes" explores the virtual and the physical results of a nomadic movement and an informational cartography where immigrants from Yucatan, Mexico operate in the context of a transnational US urban metropolitan enclave such as Los Angeles, at the same time; maintain tides with their native land. The project must be understood as a network narrative where the physical and the virtual components create the "whole". In the physical space, there is an installation consisting of: 1) a network linking an interactive kiosk with a hardware, DVD projector, four computers and an internet site; 2) an iron cast/DVD installation surrounded by the four computers; 3) digital graphics/photographs; 4) a performing space; 5) an audio station; 6) DVD with monitors, 3 a model of an imagined territory called "Futura T'ho"; 8) artworks created by the collaborating artists; 9) an artist book and 10) the simulacrum of a tourist shop. The virtual space consisting of a CD-Rom, an interactive DVD and series of Internet based elements (game, chat, multimedia display, database, live stream, QTime movies, informational website and flash animation).en_US
dc.format.extent2989637 bytes
dc.title2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposalen_US

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