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dc.contributor.authorLakso, Alan N.en_US
dc.descriptionIn the humid climate of New York and the Northeast, rainfall is erratic and therefore drought stresses are not easy to predict. Do we have significant problems due to drought (significant enough to change cultural practices or invest in irrigation)? We know the answer depends on how dry the seasons are, how much water our vineyard soil holds, how much the vines need. Since we cannot predict the weather, we must take a risk assessment approach, and then evaluate methods to reduce risks we find. To do that we need to understand the factors that either increase or reduce our risks of significant loss from drought stress.en_US
dc.subjectWine and wine makingen_US
dc.subjectWine growing--Water effectsen_US
dc.subjectWine growingen_US
dc.titleBasics of Water Balance in New York Vineyardsen_US

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