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dc.contributor.authorVasulka, Steina
dc.description.abstractI propose to use the Rockefeller fellowship to develop and expand two parallel tracks: One is life performances Controlling Laser Disk, Quick Time Movies or Camera input with my 5 string MIDI Violin, the other is audience interactive installations. The two activities use similar software, namely "Imageline" "Isadora" and "Jitter." They develop along similar lines of implementation, but use different tool configuration. The Midi Violin Performances are highly scored with mainly pre-recorded image material and depend on innovative, continuously evolving Tools. What started in the 70s as applying my acoustic violin to image control evolved to digital signal control and eventually to digital image processing. As the tools evolve, so does the performance, gradually getting more portable but more equipment demanding. The interactive installations engage a single camera to multiple computer platforms, from 3 to seven. In the first tape sample, there is a demo of a single camera, 3 projectors and 3 computers, in the second a single camera feeds seven computers, applying different software for seven monitors.en_US
dc.format.extent194866 bytes
dc.title2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposalen_US

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