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dc.contributor.authorAthill, Dianaen_US
dc.descriptionLetter, 4 pagesen_US
dc.descriptionPersonal names mentioned in the letter: Pan; Barry Reckord; Barbara; Adam (Barbara's son); Anthony; Donald Hall; Rouchli(sp?)
dc.description.abstractDiana tells Ghali not to worry about Pan, she has had experience with this kind of guy before and knows how to handle herself better than Ghali gives her credit. Barry Reckord went to Jamaica the day before she wrote this letter, and she explains how he dislikes traveling and feels shameful returning to Jamaica for such a short time and as someone who is not rich and famous. She goes into some length describing the troubles Barbara is dealing with at the time. She went to church with some friends and was delighted by the ceremony especially because the preacher turned out to be a Marxist who gave a very enjoyable sermon. She described the whole experience as 'like a dream.' She plans to be busy with Christmas things for a little while so she will be less communicative.en_US
dc.titleLetter 15 from Diana Athill to Waguih Ghali on December 22, 1963en_US

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