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dc.contributor.authorGhali, Waguihen_US
dc.descriptionLetter, 1 pageen_US
dc.descriptionPersonal names mentioned in the letter: Rowohlt; Mr. Busch; Knopf; Koshland; Andre Deutsch; Phillip; Engle; Edmund Wilson; Nobrakow
dc.description.abstractGhali harshly refers to a woman who is romantically interested in him and goes on to a long explanation of why he does not understand passion because he thinks love is just like a mathematical formula that necessitates specific variables. He is once again having difficulty communicating with publishers. Rowohlt has not confirmed that Ghali owns the rights to his book, and Koshland said they had intention of publishing Beer in the Snooker Club in the spring, which is much later than Ghali anticipated. Additionally, Ghali is once again at odds with Deutsch who wants 20% of Ghali's American rights on his next book. His work days run late and he copes with midday drinking and buying an Edmund Wilson book.en_US
dc.titleLetter 10 from Waguih Ghali to Diana Athill on November 6, 1963en_US

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