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dc.contributor.authorGhali, Waguihen_US
dc.descriptionLetter, 1 page, undated. Composed 1963-1966.en_US
dc.descriptionPersonal names mentioned in the letter: Kathleen Knott, Wyndham Lewis, Angus Wilson; TShaw Waire (sp?)
dc.description.abstractGhali writes this half on typewriter and half handwritten, because he had to pause his writing to finish some work. He concludes a previous conversation the two had on 'pangs' versus 'love' and agrees that Diana's views are definitely more truthful and adequate. Ghali details that it is payday for all the officers and jokes they all line up to get paid for doing nothing. He implores Diana to not send him Christmas gifts or money for a flight to London. He wishes he could be there with her on this first Christmas after her publishing. Ghali tells her that she takes the glamour away of famed people like Wyndham Lewis and Kathleen Knott.en_US
dc.titleLetter 06 to Diana Athillen_US

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