This is a collection of web archives of web sites. These sites are maintained for historical purposes and the information and links maintained within the lites may be obsolete

Recent Submissions

  • Library Technical Services Web Site Archive (tsweb) 

    Unknown author (2009-05-04)
    This is an archival copy of the CUL Technical Services Web Site (formerly known as tsweb and previously available at
  • The Cutting Edge Apparel Business Guide 

    Loker, Suzanne (2006-11-14)
    This is a web archive of the site: which was developed by Dr. Suzanne Loker and is an Interactive Guide to the Apparel Business.
  • (Web Archive) 

    Unknown author (2006-11-14)
    This is a web archive for the Cornell University Web site: The site was originally created in 2003 using innovated techniques for viewing collections. The main features to observe are the "Digital ...


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