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dc.contributor.authorFolsom, Steven
dc.contributor.authorRoss, Sarah
dc.descriptionYou may have noticed innovations in the new Blacklight faceting function. Or, if you work on Voyager records, you may have noticed a proliferation of records with the mysterious MARC tag “|2 fast.” Metadata Working Group presents a session on FAST, Faceted Application of Subject Terminology, a terminology scheme on the cutting edge of subject access theory. Almost every record in the Cornell catalog will be touched by FAST: you don’t want to ignore what’s going on! Steven Folsom and Sarah Ross have been involved in working with the OCLC inventors of FAST and making it work in the Cornell catalog. Sarah Ross will talk about the nuts-and-bolts of MARC cataloging and the FAST tool that stands behind a faceted approach to subject analysis, and Steven Folsom will demonstrate how the public can soon interact with these headings through the Blacklight catalog.en_US
dc.titleMetadata Working Group Forum: FASTen_US

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