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    • How do operators of engine-generation sets meet applicable emission regulations? 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Biogas-fueled stationary spark ignition internal combustion engines (SI ICE) depending on engine type, maximum generating power, and manufacturing date, must be compliant with emission standards and if applicable maintain ...
    • Overview of Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Dairy Farms 

      Wright, Peter (2001-03)
      Anaerobic digestion may be a viable manure treatment and handling method for dairy farms. This process produces renewable energy, helps to control water pollution, reduces odors, and reduces the emissions of greenhouse ...
    • What are the potential emissions from engine-generation sets? 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Biogas is generated from anaerobic digestion of manure and organic wastes. It primarily consists of methane (50-70%), carbon dioxide (25-50%) and water vapor (1-5%). Depending on the feedstock and anaerobic digester ...