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    • Methods for Kinetic Analysis of Methane Fermentation in High Solids Biomass Digesters 

      Richards, Brian K.; Cummings, Robert J.; White, Thomas E.; Jewell, William J. (Pergamon Press plc, 1991-04)
      Methods are presented for kinetic analysis of anaerobic biomass reactors. In some cases, assumptions implicit in kinetic analysis techniques developed for conventional dilute digestion modes are not applicable to systems ...
    • Starvation and Overfeeding Stress on Microbial Activities in High-Solids High-Yield Methanogenic Digesters 

      Hedrick, David B.; Vass, Arpad; Richards, Brian K.; Jewell, William J.; Guckert, James B.; White, David C. (1991-05)
      ethane production from a high-solids digester was significantly decreased by both feedstock starvation and overfeeding. Both starvation and overfeeding also induced significant decreases in acetate turnover, acetate ...
    • High Rate Low Solids Methane Fermentation of Sorghum, Corn, and Cellulose 

      Richards, Brian K.; Cummings, Robert J.; Jewell, William J. (1991-12)
      Sorghum, sorghum/alpha-cellulose mixture, and corn were anaerobically digested at 55°C at effluent solids contents of 8-12% total solids (TS), using trace nutrient supplementation. Volatile solids (VS) loading rates at ...
    • Odor Control from Livestock Waste Handling Systems 

      Koelsch, Rick (1993-02-24)
      Odors originating from livestock wastes are often the source of irritation between agricultural producers and rural and suburban neighbors. Because individual tolerance for farm-related odors varies substantially and odor ...
    • In Situ Methane Enrichment in Methanogenic Energy Crop Digesters 

      Richards, Brian K.; Herndon, Frederick G.; Jewell, William J.; Cummings, Robert J.; White, Thomas E. (1994-01)
      A simple in situ technique to enrich digester offgas, which normally contains 30-50% carbon dioxide (CO,) by volume, was developed to take advantage of the differing solubilities of CO, and methane (CH,). Dissolved CO, was ...
    • On-Farm Biogas Systems Information Dissemination Project 

      Campbell, Joseph; Koelsch, Richard; Guest, Richard; Fabian, Eileen (1997-03)
      This dissemination project studies how three New York State farmers manage anaerobic digesters on dairy farms.
    • Anaerobic Digestion and Wetland Treatment Case Study: Comparing Two Manure Odor Control Systems for Dairy Farms 

      Wright, Peter (1998-07)
      A comparison of two existing odor control treatments on dairy farms in NY shows the costs and benefits of each system. On one dairy farm an anaerobic digester is used to stabilize the manure and collect methane for the ...
    • Comparing Odor Control Treatment Methods on North East Dairy Farms 

      Wright, Pete; Inglis, Scott (2001)
      No single manure treatment system will meet the varied needs of every dairy farm. Farms vary in their resources and their environmental concerns. Some farms have access to more capital, skilled labor, management ability, ...
    • Overview of Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Dairy Farms 

      Wright, Peter (2001-03)
      Anaerobic digestion may be a viable manure treatment and handling method for dairy farms. This process produces renewable energy, helps to control water pollution, reduces odors, and reduces the emissions of greenhouse ...
    • Moisture, Density, and Porosity Changes as Dairy Manure is Biodried 

      Wright, Peter; Inglis, Scott (2002-07)
      The initial functioning of a biodrying process on an 85 cow dairy farm in the New York City (NYC) Watershed is described. This system started operation in the fall of 2001. The startup challenges and preliminary operational ...
    • Computerized Control System for Static Pile Composting of Dairy Manure 

      Inglis, Scott; Wright, Peter; Gooch, Curt (2002-07)
      The Solid Aerobic Biodrying (SAB) system was developed and installed on an 85-cow dairy in the New York City drinking supply watershed. The SAB uses the static pile composting method to treat the dairy manure for land ...
    • Agricultural Biogas Casebook Upper Midwest 

      Kramer, Joseph (2002-09)
      This casebook presents profiles of farms using anaerobic digesters for animal manures in the Great Lakes States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. The purpose of this casebook is to provide ...
    • Value-Added Processing of Dairy Manure Using Vermicomposting 

      Dairy Environmental Systems (2003)
      Composting of livestock manure can significantly reduce odors, along with volume and weight. Using worms to further improve compost quality can add value in an energy-efficient manner and permit exporting of the vermicompost ...
    • ACE Farm Poultry Waste Composting 

      Unknown author (2003-02)
      ACE Farm, in Monroe (Orange County), was founded in 1917 and specializes in growing egg-laying chickens. It is a family owned and operated enterprise that annually produces 130,000 laying hens are capable of laying 39 ...
    • Agricultural Compost Marketing Project 

      Unknown author (2003-03)
    • Manure Application with a Draghose 

      Wright, Peter; Bossard, Shawn (2003-06)
      Draghoses are an alternative manure application system that have some important advantages for farms with a large amount of manure to spread. This system allows manure to be spread and incorporated with an irrigation pump. ...
    • Draghose Application Systems for Manure 

      Wright, Peter; Bossard, Shawn (2003-06)
      Draghose application systems have some important advantages for farms with a large amount of manure to spread. These systems allow manure to be spread and incorporated with an irrigation pump. The pump sends the manure to ...
    • Anaerobic Digester at Freund Dairy 

      Wright, Peter; Ma, Jianguo (2003-08)
      Freund Dairy, located in East Canaan, Connecticut, is operated by Matthew Freund. The farm owns a total of 600 acres of land, with a milking cow population of 250. Heifers are raised off the farm, and the milking herd is ...
    • Anaerobic Digester at Spring Valley Dairy 

      Wright, Peter; Ma, Jianguo (2003-08)
      Edward Swartz, Jr operates Spring Valley Dairy, located in the town of Schodack, in Rensselaer County. There are 236 animals including 150 milkers, 50 heifers, and 36 calves on the 1800-acre farm. To address a variety of ...