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    • Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion on Farms 

      Gooch, Curt; Wright, Peter (2018-07-17)
      There are many interrelated attributes of farm-based anaerobic digestion (AD) systems that benefit farmers and non-farmers alike, providing sustainability to the animal agriculture industry by: increasing renewable energy ...
    • Biogas Casebook: NYS On-farm Anaerobic Digesters 

      Scott, Norm; Pronto, Jennifer; Gooch, Curt (2010-07)
      This casebook provides case study synopsis reports of all on-farm animal waste anaerobic digesters (ADs) in New York State (NYS) as of July 2010. Over the past decade in NYS, anaerobic digestion technology has been ...
    • Biogas Distributed Generation Systems Evaluation and Technology Transfer 

      Gooch, Curt; Inglis, Scott; Wright, Peter (2007-04)
      New York State livestock produce over 15 million tons of manure annually. Improper waste management can lead to nutrient runoff, pollution of watersheds, and contamination of groundwater. With new regulations for large ...
    • Biogas Processing - Final Report 

      Fiesinger, Tom; Roloson, Bruce; Scott, Norman; Bothi, Kimberly (2006-02)
      Anaerobic digestion offers an effective way to manage dairy manure by addressing the principal problem of odor and environmental control while offering an opportunity to create energy from the conversion of biogas with a ...
    • Biogas Processing and utilization 

      Scott, Norm R.; Bothi, Kim; Roloson, Bruce (2004-02)
      A presentation on the properties, cleanup, processing, and utilization of biogas. Includes project results.
    • Biogas Uses Powerpoint 

      Scott, Norman (2005-04)
      A presentation outlining the various uses of biogas.
    • Biotrickling Filters for H2S- Overview of Configuration and Design 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Biotrickling filters (BTF) are irrigated reactors with a packed bed colonized by microbial growths capable of degrading contaminants from a passing gas. Essentially BTFs are a tank with raw biogas plumbed in to permeate ...
    • Biotrickling Filters for H2S- Process Control Options 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Controls and innovative processes to improve the performance of biotrickling filter (BTF) and the oxidation of H2S to sulfate by sulfur oxidizing bacteria (SOB) are summarized in this fact sheet.
    • Blue Spruce Farm Green Energy & Anaerobic Digestion 

      Dairy Environmental Systems Group (2006-03)
      Objectives: · Farm odor reduction · Electrical power generation · Reduce purchased bedding material · Enhance environmental and social benefits · Build a practical and cost-effective anaerobic digester
    • Capitalizing on Energy Opportunities on New York Dairy Farms 

      Gooch, Curt; Pronto, Jennifer (2009-10)
      Thank you for participating in the Dairy Power New York Summit: Creating a Greener, Cleaner Future, to be held October 29-30 at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, N.Y. The stated focus for the Dairy Power Summit is ―to identify ...
    • Centralized Anaerobic Digestion Options for Groups of Dairy Farms 

      Bothi, Kimberly; Aldrich, Brian (2005-05)
      Anaerobic digestion is a microbial process that converts organic carbon to “biogas”, a gas composed primarily of methane and carbon dioxide. A growing number of larger dairies are anaerobically digesting manure to reduce ...
    • The Characterization of Sulfur Flows in Farm Digesters 

      Ludington, David; Weeks, Stanley (2008-09)
      The flow of sulfur through eight dairy farms in New York State, inputs to animals, digester influent and effluent and biogas, were studied from January 2007 to March 2008. Digesters on five farms were traditional plug flow, ...
    • Choosing a Manure Treatment System: Questions to Ask 

      Gooch, Curt; Aldrich, Brian (2005-04)
      There is a wide array of manure treatment systems being promoted to agricultural producers by different companies and individuals. Learning about different treatment systems is an excellent first step in solving manure-handling ...
    • Cleanout of a Plug-Flow Anaerobic Digester after Five Years of Continuous Operation 

      Inglis, Scott; Gooch, Curt; Jones, Lawrence; Aneshansley, Daniel (2007-09)
      Several plug-flow anaerobic digesters have been constructed on dairy farms in New York State in recent years primarily for odor control and also for combined heat and power generation. One long-term concern with these ...
    • Climate Resilient Farming - Pilot Round 

      Gooch, Curt; Wright, Peter; Steinberg, Sam (2015-11)
      Useful Information for Professional Engineers Retained by Farmers/Others Responding to the Track 1 Agricultural Waste Storage Cover and Flare Systems
    • Comparing Odor Control Treatment Methods on North East Dairy Farms 

      Wright, Pete; Inglis, Scott (2001)
      No single manure treatment system will meet the varied needs of every dairy farm. Farms vary in their resources and their environmental concerns. Some farms have access to more capital, skilled labor, management ability, ...
    • Composting at Kreher's Poultry Farm 

      Wright, Peter; Graf, Kristen (2004-01)
      Kreher’s Poultry Farm is a third generation family farm located in Clarence in Erie County, about 15 miles east of Buffalo, New York. The on-site composting system was initiated in 1995 with the first building, and a second ...
    • Composting Equipment Resource List 

      Unknown author (2013-08)
    • Computerized Control System for Static Pile Composting of Dairy Manure 

      Inglis, Scott; Wright, Peter; Gooch, Curt (2002-07)
      The Solid Aerobic Biodrying (SAB) system was developed and installed on an 85-cow dairy in the New York City drinking supply watershed. The SAB uses the static pile composting method to treat the dairy manure for land ...