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    • Factors Associated with Variations in Earnings 

      Karszes, Jason (2020-09)
      The 2019 year was a rebound in earnings from 2018 for farms that participate in the Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis Program. The average rate of return on capital without appreciation increased from 1.1 percent ...
    • Dairy Profit Monitor – Year to Date Performance 

      Hill, Lauren (PRO-DAIRY, 2020-08)
      As summer comes to an end, this has been a very different year for the dairy industry. The year started off with some optimism on improved milk prices, and earnings for the year equal to or higher than 2019. With the onset ...
    • Scenario and Disaster Planning Worksheets 

      Karszes, Jason (2020-04-17)
      A key management function for business owners is scenario and disaster planning. Operational and strategic planning focus on what objectives/goals/progress the business strives to accomplish over time. Scenario and ...
    • Understanding Your Break-Even Cost of Production 

      Karszes, Jason (2018-06)
      With earnings dropping from 2017, and this becoming the fourth year of low or negative earnings for many dairy farms, understanding different financial aspects of your business is critical. A key starting point is to ...
    • Rising Labor Costs: Strategies and Approaches 

      Karszes, Jason (2017)
      component of the farm and a larger expense, with hired labor being the second largest expense item on many farms. With this increased reliance on hired labor, the impact that changing labor costs can have on the profit ...
    • Basic Income Tax and Equity Effect of a Profits Interest LLC 

      Richards, Anna (2018-04)
      One of the key properties of an LLC that gives it flexibility is that a member’s ownership, or capital percentage, does not have to be equal to their profit percentage.
    • Dairy Farm Business Summary 2019 - Progress Report #3 

      Karszes, Jason; Hill, Lauren; Knoblauch, Wayne (2019-04-02)
      Selected Financial and Production Factors Average All Farms This is progress report for the Dairy Farm Business Summary. It features selected financial and production factors for farms Less Than 600 Cows, farms 600-1200 ...
    • Dairy Business Summary 2017 

      Karszes, Jason; Christman, Abby; Howlett, Ashley; Knoblauch, Wayne (2018-08)
      Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis (DFBS) projects are an integral part of Cornell Cooperative Extension's agricultural education program in New York State. The Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and ...
    • Looking at Leases: Part 3 Right of First Refusal 

      Richards, Anna (2018-06)
      Generally only of the length of the lease is considered when thinking about the land security that leases ensure. While some leases may have longer terms than others, this is still a relatively short-term solution to ...
    • Looking at Leases: Part 2 

      Richards, Anna (2018-05)
      Well-structured lease agreements can provide a number of benefits to a farm operation, yet many of the leased acres used in agriculture are still secured with a handshake deal. Written leases provide security for the ...