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    • Factors Associated with Variations in Earnings 

      Karszes, Jason (2020-09)
      The 2019 year was a rebound in earnings from 2018 for farms that participate in the Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis Program. The average rate of return on capital without appreciation increased from 1.1 percent ...
    • Managing your earnings in 2022: Can we impact 2023 and beyond? 

      Karszes, Jason; Wolf, Chris (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-07)
      So far, 2022 is shaping up as a year where cash and profits may rebound within the dairy industry to levels that have not been seen for a few years. While inflation and supply chain issues are driving costs up on dairy ...
    • Understanding Your Break-Even Cost of Production 

      Karszes, Jason (2018-06)
      With earnings dropping from 2017, and this becoming the fourth year of low or negative earnings for many dairy farms, understanding different financial aspects of your business is critical. A key starting point is to ...