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  • The Manager July 2021: Herd management 

    Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
    The Manager is published by Progressive Dairy, an award-winning magazine that provides compelling features, helpful articles, insightful news analysis, and entertaining commentary about the people, practices and topics ...
  • Troubleshooting weaned heifers 

    Barrett, Kathryn (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
    Post weaned heifers are the foundation of the milking herd. Taking the time to troubleshoot heifer management pays the farm back in profitability. “How well you do in the heifer-rearing phase will pay you back later on. ...
  • Troubleshooting the fresh cow pen 

    Lynch, Robert; Quaassdorff, Margaret (Progressive Dairy, 2021-01)
    A smooth transition is necessary for successful lactation. Managers need to evaluate all components of their transition cow program to identify successes or where improvements are needed. A daily check of data can alert ...
  • Selective dry cow therapy: Antimicrobial stewardship can offer returns in appropriate herds 

    Vasquez, Amy; Rowe, Sam (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
    A recent multi-site clinical trial by our group found that two selective dry cow therapy (SDCT) programs each used 55 percent less antibiotics at dry-off than blanket dry cow therapy (BDCT) without negatively affecting ...
  • Raising heifer replacements – labor costs and labor efficiency 

    Augello, Lauren (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
    How much does it cost to raise a heifer from birth to first calving? The costs associated with raising heifers are often overlooked when analyzing expenses on dairy farms. In the summer of 2019, we collected data from 26 ...
  • Klebsiella mastitis – More than just another gram-negative 

    Virkler, Paul (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
    Klebsiella is becoming a more commonly isolated mastitis-causing organism on dairy farms across the Northeast. We have traditionally thought of the most common gram-negative organism isolated on dairies as E. coli, but ...
  • Benchmarking calf growth and performance on northern New York dairy herds 

    Havekes, Casey; Ferlito, Lindsay (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
    The pre-weaning period is a vulnerable time for dairy calves and as a result, optimizing growth and health can be a challenge for dairy producers. Ensuring calves successfully transition through weaning, albeit important, ...
  • Food waste coming on the farm? Consider where the nutrients go and manure processing for nutrient export 

    Wright, Peter; Czymmek, Karl; Terry, Tim (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
    Public policy is increasingly evolving to reduce or divert waste from limited landfill space. One way to accomplish this is by reducing the many tons of organic waste such as food processing waste, food scraps, and spoiled ...
  • The Manager March 2021: Managing inputs 

    Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
    The March 2021 issue of "The Manager" published by Progressive Dairy focuses on managing inputs: a fresh look.
  • Biological control of corn rootworm with native N.Y. entomopathogenic nematodes 

    Shields, Elson (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
    Thirty years of research in New York has yielded a new biological strategy for corn rootworm in New York and throughout the Corn Belt. The discovery of using native New York entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) that have not ...

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