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  • Bunker silo and silage safety 

    Berry, Julie (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-03)
    People are the greatest resource on a farm. Accidents are never planned, but those few minutes can have long-lasting and traumatic impact. Proactive steps can help reduce risk during corn silage harvest and feed-out.
  • Controlling compaction: Do's and don'ts 

    Lawrence, Joe; Wright, Peter (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-03)
    Farming is ever-changing and improvements to perform timely field operations can impact soil health. Larger, road-ready trucks and equipment with higher tire pressures and larger axle loads made to spread manure, plant, ...
  • Exploring the relationship between physically effective and undigested fiber 

    Grant, Rick; Smith, Wyatt (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-03)
    Recent research at Miner Institute has focused on the relationship between undigested and physically effective NDF (abbreviated as uNDF and peNDF). Physically effective NDF is commonly measured using the 4-mm screen in the ...
  • On-farm instant quality analysis 

    Cherney, Jerry; Cherney, Debbie (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-03)
    Near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy has been used to evaluate forage quality since the early 1980s. Until recently, these were relatively sensitive, large laboratory instruments that required finely-ground, dry ...
  • Cornell sorghum variety and establishment 

    Kilcer, Tom (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-03)
    Sorghum, mainly a crop of the deep south, is being planted on more acres across the northeast. Originally relegated as an emergency summer feed when earlier crops had failed, or for part-time livestock farms, the crop is ...

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