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  • The Manager July 2022: Northeast Dairy Management Conference 

    Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    The Manager is published by Progressive Dairy, an award-winning magazine that provides compelling features, helpful articles, insightful news analysis, and entertaining commentary about the people, practices and topics ...
  • Lean Management: Practical applications and challenges on dairy farms 

    Putnam, Barry; Mary Kate, MacKenzie (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    Lean Management is a systematic approach to analyze and continuously improve the flow of information, materials, and work in a manufacturing environment. Lean systems maximize production efficiency by minimizing waste and ...
  • Leadership insights 

    Potter, Caroline; Berry, Julie (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    The Northeast Dairy Management Conference is focused on growing the leaders of today and tomorrow. In this roundtable of New York dairy industry leaders we share thoughts of recipients of the Dick Popp Memorial Leadership ...
  • Sustainability on the farm and the Net Zero Initiative 

    Berry, Julie (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    The U.S. Dairy Net Zero Initiative (NZI) is a collaboration of dairy organizations to advance research, on-farm pilots, and new market developments to make sustainability practices more accessible and affordable to farms ...
  • Professionalizing human resource management in farms: Whay and what this means 

    Stup, Richard (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    A trend is emerging across the dairy industry, with some farmers becoming very professional in how they hire, develop, and lead employees. These farmers are highly aware that good employees are the most important asset for ...
  • Manage employees by life stage 

    Berry, Julie (2022-07)
    Haydn Shaw, People Driven Results, shared strategies on how to bring five generations together at the Northeast Dairy Management Conference, including how to motivate and reduce generational turnover, and how to create a ...
  • Building capacity to respond to change 

    Berry, Julie (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    A special feature of the Northeast Dairy Management Conference is a focus on leadership development and personal growth. Mark Mayfield kicked off the conference acknowledging and bringing humor to stress management with ...
  • Northeast Dairy Management Conference 

    Berry, Julie (Progressive Dairy, 2022-07)
    After a virtual conference in 2020, the Northeast Dairy Management Conference, presented by PRO-DAIRY and the Northeast Dairy Producers Association (NEDPA), was back live and in person this spring. Offering topics ranging ...
  • Maximize fertilizer use efficiency for peak fertilizer prices of 2022 

    O'Neil, Kitty; Lawrence, Joe; Workman, Kirsten; Ketterings, Quirine (Progressive Dairy, 2022-03)
    Record high fertilizer prices this winter have driven a lot of creative thinking about cost-cutting strategies for 2022. Dairy farmers are at an advantage as manure is a tremendous source of all essential nutrients, and ...
  • Managing diet nutrient variability through improved forage sampling practices 

    Barrientos-Blanco, Jorge; Lawrence, Joe; Reed, Kristan (Progressive Dairy, 2022-03)
    High feed prices and volatility due to market and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic are restating the importance of maximizing feed efficiency.

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