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dc.contributor.authorFoote, Robert H.
dc.description.abstractAs a graduate student in the late 1940s, Robert Foote wanted to expand his knowledge of comparative reproductive physiology, nutrition and genetics for professional improvement and to assist hundreds of undergraduate students that he helped teach. Soon, he had 60 scientific journals, plus abstract journals, that he checked every month. He developed triplicate abstract forms with a 3" x 5" perforated reference form to file by author with two 5" x 8" forms to add a brief abstract cross-filed under two subject matter headings. Included was a notation to indicate that a reprint had been sent for. By the time of the electronic age in the early 1980s, Robert Foote had accumulated about 15,000 reprints and 25,000 references. These included classic bulletins, a commonly used route to publish scientific data in the old days, as few scientific journals were available. The species and subject covered are summarized with typed references following. This typed list was started in 1966 to help about 200 undergraduates that Robert Foote taught.en_US
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dc.publisherInternet-First University Pressen_US
dc.subjectreproductive physiologyen_US
dc.titlePre-electronic Age References on Reproductive Physiology Across Many Species of Mammals and Birdsen_US

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