The Weill Cornell Medical Library provides research materials and resources to students, faculty and staff of the of the Weill Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University, all staff of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and staff of affiliated institutions have access to the Library.

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  • iPads added to the Weill Cornell Medical Library Treasure Hunt 

    Brown Epstein, Helen-Ann; Brown, Sherisse; Merlo, Loretta; Reinbold, Sarah (2013-04-26)
    Aim: To demonstrate the successful integration of mobile technology into the incoming first-year medical student’s treasure hunt of the Weill Cornell Medical Library. Background: The incoming first-year medical students ...
  • Using the ADDIE Model in Designing Bibliographic Instruction 

    Reinbold, Sarah; Cuddy, Colleen (2012-05-18)
    Objectives To demonstrate the use of the ADDIE model (an instructional design model) in designing bibliographic instruction. Methods This poster reviews the redesign of a library workshop based on the ADDIE model of ...
  • Defining the Librarian's Role in VIVO 

    Albert, Paul J.; Cuddy, Colleen (2012-05-18)
    Objectives VIVO is an open source semantic web application that enables the discovery of research through interlinked profiles of people and other research-related information.  Librarians play invaluable roles in ...
  • A Library for the Ages: Revamping the Physical and Virtual Environment 

    Albert, Paul J.; Alpi, Kristine M. (2007-10-15)
    Academic libraries have focused on identifying and meeting the needs of their students. At Weill Cornell, we designed orientation activities keeping millennial characteristics in mind and we devote energy to reaching ...
  • Millennials Find Treasure in the Library! 

    Mongelia, Patricia; Brown, Helen-Ann (2007-05-29)
    With the characteristics of the millenials, those born from 1982 to 1994, in mind, the staff of the Weill Cornell Medical Library set out to create an engaging orientation in the form of a treasure hunt for our incoming ...

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