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    • Dairy Replacement Enterprise Impact from Changes Evaluator 

      Karszes, Jason (2008-01-08)
      Excel Spreadsheet: Blank version of Heifer Enterprise Impact from Changes Evaluator
    • Reproduction Program Cost Calculator 

      Karszes, Jason; Howland, Betsey; Skellie, Kim (2012)
      This template is designed to determine the costs associated with getting dairy animals checked pregnant.
    • Milking Center Cost Analysis Tool 

      Howland, Betsy; Karszes, Jason (2013)
      A milking parlor is a large investment on farms and the milking labor accounts for over one-third of all labor costs on farms. This calculator is designed to help farms determine the areas of the milking center that are ...
    • Lease Analysis Program 

      LaDue, Eddy; Schuelke, Jacob; Karszes, Jason; Lawton, David (2005)
      An Excel spreadsheet for the economic analysis of capital leases. Version 2.2 can handle different values in each year for tax rates, interest rates and the opportunity cost of capital.
    • DuPont Analysis DFBS Version 

      Karszes, Jason (2009)
      The DuPont Analysis System is a graphical picture of the relationship that operating performance and financial structures have in determining what return on assets and return on equity will be. Developed by the DuPont ...
    • Covered Manure Storage Cost Calculator 

      Shepherd, Tim; Karszes, Jason; Gooch, Curt (2008-12-20)
      PRO-DAIRY and Dairy Environmental Systems cost calculator.
    • Food waste coming on the farm? Consider where the nutrients go and manure processing for nutrient export 

      Wright, Peter; Czymmek, Karl; Terry, Tim (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
      Public policy is increasingly evolving to reduce or divert waste from limited landfill space. One way to accomplish this is by reducing the many tons of organic waste such as food processing waste, food scraps, and spoiled ...
    • The Manager March 2021: Managing inputs 

      Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
      The March 2021 issue of "The Manager" published by Progressive Dairy focuses on managing inputs: a fresh look.
    • Biological control of corn rootworm with native N.Y. entomopathogenic nematodes 

      Shields, Elson (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
      Thirty years of research in New York has yielded a new biological strategy for corn rootworm in New York and throughout the Corn Belt. The discovery of using native New York entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) that have not ...
    • In pursuit of improved nitrogen management for corn silage: Tracking field nitrogen balances 

      Berlingeri, Jonathan; Czymmek, Karl; Ketterings, Quirine (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
      In its most straightforward description, a field nitrogen balance is the difference between the nitrogen accumulated in the crop over a growing season (nitrogen uptake) and the amount of nitrogen made available to the crop ...