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    • Scenario and Disaster Planning Worksheets 

      Karszes, Jason (2020-04-17)
      A key management function for business owners is scenario and disaster planning. Operational and strategic planning focus on what objectives/goals/progress the business strives to accomplish over time. Scenario and ...
    • The Manager March 2020: Forages and Feeding 

      Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2020-03)
      The March 2020 issue of "The Manager" published by Progressive Dairy focuses on forages and feeding.
    • Best timing of harvest for brown midrib forage sorghum yield, nutritive value, and ration performance 

      Lyons, Sarah; Ketterings, Quirine; Godwin, Greg; Cherney, Debbie; Cherney, Jerome; Van Amburgh, Michael; Meisinger, John; Kilcer, Tom (Progressive Dairyman, 2020-03)
      Forage sorghum is a drought- and heat-tolerant warm-season grass that can be used for silage on dairy farms. Since it requires a soil temperature of at least 60°F for planting, the recommended planting time for New York ...
    • Next steps for better silage yield maps 

      Lehman, Ben; Kharel, Dilip; Czymmek, Karl; Ketterings, Quirine (Progressive Dairyman, 2020-03)
      With yield monitor technology, silage growers can see the impact of management changes in every field section over time. Unfortunately, even with calibrated equipment and best operator practices, yield maps can look pretty ...
    • Red clover: The other high digestible legume 

      Kilcer, Tom (Progressive Dairyman, 2020-03)
      In today’s tight dairy economy, every acre, just like every cow, needs to be profitable. Adding red clover in a tight economical rotation, teamed with winter forage, can do that.