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    • Evaluation of the Performance of a 550-cow Plug-Flow Anaerobic Digester Under Steady-State Conditions 

      Martin, J.H. Jr.; Wright, Peter; Inglis, Scott; Roos, K.F. (2003-10)
      The objective of this study was to characterize the performance of a full-scale, mesophilic plug-flow anaerobic digester for 550 dairy cattle manure based on the degree of waste stabilization, fecal coliform and Mycobacterium ...
    • Old Acres Farm and Formso landfill 

      Dairy Environmental Systems Group (2004-01)
      Develop a biowaste treatment facility with power generation that is: 1. Owned and operated by a community-based cooperative business; 2. Provides manure treatment services to multiple farms within the community; 3. ...
    • Reduction of Selected Pathogens in Anaerobic Digestion 

      Wright, Peter; Inglis, Scott; Stehman, S.M.; Bonhotal, J. (2004-03)
      Anaerobic digesters are becoming a popular waste treatment option in New York State. These systems generate energy for on-farm use and sale while providing significant odor reduction. Research has shown that mesophilic ...