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    • Forage acreages needed for dairy herd 

      Lawrence, Joe (2021-07)
      Excel spreadsheet to calculate forage acreages needed for dairy herd
    • Short on hay this spring? 

      Lawrence, Joe; O'Neil, Kitty (2021-03)
      A number of livestock producers are reporting short hay inventories coming into the spring and, while the warmth of the sun has us optimistic that winter will soon be behind us, the 2021 crop season is still a ways off. ...
    • Storage strategies for over mature hay and securing extra forages 

      Lawrence, Joe (PRO-DAIRY, 2019-06)
      As growers continue to struggle with the harvest of over-mature first cutting in many areas of the state, the question is what to do with all of this high tonnage, low quality feed. Harvest and storage planning has been a ...
    • Time to check the progress of your first cutting 

      Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron; O'Neil, Kitty (PRO-DAIRY, 2016-05)
      Changes in harvest management on many farms have resulted in an evolution of first cutting going from a necessary evil that had to be dealt with in feeding programs, to the most desired crop on many dairies, and grasses ...