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    • Biogas Processing and utilization 

      Scott, Norm R.; Bothi, Kim; Roloson, Bruce (2004-02)
      A presentation on the properties, cleanup, processing, and utilization of biogas. Includes project results.
    • Biotrickling Filters for H2S- Overview of Configuration and Design 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Biotrickling filters (BTF) are irrigated reactors with a packed bed colonized by microbial growths capable of degrading contaminants from a passing gas. Essentially BTFs are a tank with raw biogas plumbed in to permeate ...
    • Biotrickling Filters for H2S- Process Control Options 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Controls and innovative processes to improve the performance of biotrickling filter (BTF) and the oxidation of H2S to sulfate by sulfur oxidizing bacteria (SOB) are summarized in this fact sheet.
    • Hydrogen Sulfide in Manure Handling Systems: Health and Safety Issues 

      Hallman, Eric; Aldrich, Brian (2006-06)
      Hydrogen sulfide is a poisonous, acidic gas that can kill in a matter of seconds. It is especially dangerous in confined spaces with little or no ventilation, where it can render victims unconscious in an instant. ...
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal at Spruce Haven Farm, LLC Case Study 

      Shelford, Timothy; Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2018-12)
      Spruce Haven Farm, LLC, managed by Doug Young, is located in Cayuga County, New York. The farm herd comprised of 3,360 Holsteins and milks ~1,500 cows. Digester construction began in Spring 2014, with the system operating ...
    • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal at Sunnyside Farms, Inc. Case Study 

      shelford, Timothy; Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2018-12)
      Sunnyside Farms, Inc., managed by Neil and Greg Rejman, is located in Scipio Center, New York. The farm milks ~4,200 cows. The digester was commissioned in May 2009. See “Anaerobic Digestion at Sunnyside Farms, Inc.: ...
    • Microbial underpinnings of H2S biological filtration 

      Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
      Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria (SOB) are lithoautotrophs; lithos meaning rock or mineral, for their ability to feed on elemental sulfur (S0); autotroph meaning self-feeding, for their ability to produce the complex compounds ...