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    • In Situ Methane Enrichment in Methanogenic Energy Crop Digesters 

      Richards, Brian K.; Herndon, Frederick G.; Jewell, William J.; Cummings, Robert J.; White, Thomas E. (1994-01)
      A simple in situ technique to enrich digester offgas, which normally contains 30-50% carbon dioxide (CO,) by volume, was developed to take advantage of the differing solubilities of CO, and methane (CH,). Dissolved CO, was ...
    • Methods for Kinetic Analysis of Methane Fermentation in High Solids Biomass Digesters 

      Richards, Brian K.; Cummings, Robert J.; White, Thomas E.; Jewell, William J. (Pergamon Press plc, 1991-04)
      Methods are presented for kinetic analysis of anaerobic biomass reactors. In some cases, assumptions implicit in kinetic analysis techniques developed for conventional dilute digestion modes are not applicable to systems ...