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    • Biogas Casebook: NYS On-farm Anaerobic Digesters 

      Scott, Norm; Pronto, Jennifer; Gooch, Curt (2010-07)
      This casebook provides case study synopsis reports of all on-farm animal waste anaerobic digesters (ADs) in New York State (NYS) as of July 2010. Over the past decade in NYS, anaerobic digestion technology has been ...
    • Review of Curriculum Content and Programs for Anaerobic Digestion Education and Training 

      Scott, Norm; Clark, Iain; Gooch, Curt; Peterson, Richard; Shayya, Walid H.; Goodale, Douglas (2007-10)
      The development of the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry requires financial, physical and human resources. In New York State, financial and physical resources have been mobilized to finance and build ten anaerobic digesters ...