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    • Safe, productive and engaged from day one 

      Stup, Richard (Progressive Dairyman, 2018-12)
      Employees are critical to the survival and success of every business, and they’ve never been harder to find. It’s critical for dairies to bring new employees onboard so that they will be safe, productive and engaged from ...
    • Safety program implementation 

      Vargha, Marybeth (DairyBusiness East, 2014-08)
      Many farms do not need costly alterations to become safety compliant, but do need to update or create written safety plans and worker trainings.
    • Safety standards at McLanahan Corporations 

      Berry, Julie (DairyBusiness East, 2014-08)
      Documentation, training and understanding are key. Train employees so they understand what is expected of them, provide them the ability to ask questions and document that the training was completed.
    • Sand for Bedding Dairy Cow Stalls 

      Gooch, Curt; Inglis, Scott (2002-11-01)
    • Satellite manure storage 

      Berry, Julie (DairyBusiness East, 2015-01)
      Satellite manure storage allows more flexibility in manure storage placement.
    • Save Money with Sound Decisions 

      Tylutki, Tom; Cerosaletti, Paul
    • Scenario and Disaster Planning Worksheets 

      Karszes, Jason (2020-04-17)
      A key management function for business owners is scenario and disaster planning. Operational and strategic planning focus on what objectives/goals/progress the business strives to accomplish over time. Scenario and ...
    • Screw Press Solid-Liquid Separation 

      Bockhahn, Jennifer; Wright, Peter; Gooch, Curt (Dairy Environmental Systems Program, 2020-11)
      A dairy manure treatment technology, solid-liquid separation using a screw press, is presented in this fact sheet covering the process, economics, benefits and considerations.
    • Selective dry cow therapy: Antimicrobial stewardship can offer returns in appropriate herds 

      Vasquez, Amy; Rowe, Sam (Progressive Dairy, 2021-07)
      A recent multi-site clinical trial by our group found that two selective dry cow therapy (SDCT) programs each used 55 percent less antibiotics at dry-off than blanket dry cow therapy (BDCT) without negatively affecting ...
    • Self-Facilitated Communication 

      Grusenmeyer, David; Flachs, Lisa (2002-09-02)
    • Separated manure solids for freestall bedding 

      Lynch, Robert (PRO-DAIRY, 2019)
      Mastitis is one of the costliest diseases for the U.S. Dairy Industry, and management decisions that may affect mastitis risk are considered carefully. One such decision is the choice of a bedding substrate that helps keep ...
    • Setting the Stage for Success: Corn Silage Harvest 

      Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron (PRO-DAIRY, 2016-08)
      Taking the time to plan can greatly increase the odds of success in any endeavor. Planning for corn silage harvest not only increases the odds of getting through harvest season with success but will benefit your farms ...
    • Short on hay this spring? 

      Lawrence, Joe; O'Neil, Kitty (2021-03)
      A number of livestock producers are reporting short hay inventories coming into the spring and, while the warmth of the sun has us optimistic that winter will soon be behind us, the 2021 crop season is still a ways off. ...
    • Should I use risk management tools? Evaluate your financial risk 

      Wolf, Christopher; Karszes, Jason (Progressive Dairy, 2020-11)
      With the volatility in milk prices this year, many questions have been asked by dairy producers about whether or not they should use available tools to potentially minimize the risk associated with negative milk price ...
    • Should you delay oral calcium bolus supplementation for fresh cows? 

      Seely, Claira; McArt, Jessica (Progressive Dairy, 2022-11)
      Subclinical hypocalcemia (SCH) is an invisible threat to both the dairy cow and producer. As nearly 45 percent of multiparous cows experience SCH during the early lactation period, producers can implement dietary strategies ...
    • Shredlage – What’s new 

      Chase, Larry (The Manager DairyBusiness East, 2015-04)
      Shredlage may increase the nutritive value of corn silage.
    • Sidedressing saved money and N in 2015 

      Sadeghpour, Amir; Czymmek, Karl; Ketterings, Quirine (DAIRYBUSINESS, 2016-04)
      Sidedressing provides better N recovery by crops than early season application in wet years.
    • Silage Storage Management: Conserving all the Goodness and Hard Work 

      Stone, Bill; Conway, John; Bertoldo, Jerry (2006-02-01)