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    • 2020 Cornell Nutrition Conference Proceedings 

      Cornell University Department of Animal Science; Harvatine, K.J.; Jenkins, T.; McGee, D.; Place, S.; Ballou, M.; Davis, E.M.; Adesogan, A.T.; Arriola, K. G.; Harvatine, K.J.; Smith, K.M.; Grant, R.J.; Obata, A.; de Ondarza, M.B.; Emanuele, S.M.; Sniffe, C.J.; McArt, J.A.A.; Barbano, D.M.; Elrod, C.C.; Boyd, R.D.; Jackman, J.A.; Miller, M.D.; Tylutki, T.P.; Grant, R.J.; Molano, R.A; Ortega, D.; Drackley, J.K.; James, R.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Morrison, S.Y.; Fontoura, A.B.P.; McFadden, J.W.; Barrientos-Blanco, J.A.; Reed, K.F.; Kerwin, A.L.; Overton, T.R.; Tacoma-Fogal, R.; LaPierre, P.A.; Fredin, S.; Ross, D.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; McFadden, J.W.; Myers, W.A.; Overton, T.R.; Chase, L.E.; Reed, K.F.; Wood, E.M.; Portnoy, M.; Barbano, D. (2020-10)
      Complete proceedings of manuscripts written for the 2020 Cornell Nutrition Conference
    • 2021 Cornell Nutrition Conference - complete proceedings of manuscripts 

      Aldrich, J.A.; Kebreab, E.; Fouts, J.; Reed, K.F.; Tate, B.N.; Deys, M.M.; McFadden, J.W.; Kerwin, A.L.; Burhans, W.S.; Nydam, D.V.; Overton, T.R.; Mertens, D.R.; Tacoma-Fogal, R.; Cherney, J.H.; Cherney, D.J.R.; Barrientos-Blanco, J.A.; Graef, G..M.; Kerwin, A.L.; Ferro, L.N.; Ordaz-Puga, S.; Ryan, C.M.; Westhoff, T.A.; Barbano, D.M.; Glosson, K.M.; Zanzalari, K.P.; Chapman, J.D.; Overton, T.R.; Weiss, W.P; Benoit, A.C.; LaPierre, P.A.; Mechor, G.D.; Barbano, D.M.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Chase, L.E. (2021-10-19)
    • Milk Urea Nitrogen: Precision, Accuracy, and Individual Animal Variability 

      Reed, K.F.; Wood, E.M.; Portnoy, M.; Barbano, D. (2020-10)
      MUN can be a useful metric for managing diets and assessing environmental impacts but it is difficult to interpret without knowledge of the expected variability or measurement error. I will discuss results from some recent ...
    • Optimizing Sampling Practices at NYS Dairy Farms 

      Barrientos, J.A.; Reed, K.F. (2021-10-19)
      Implementing the current standard forage sampling practices may not yield samples that accurately represent the quality of the delivered forages in dairy diets. Sampling frequency, number of samples, and allowed deviation ...
    • Ruminant Farm Systems Model: Development Progress and Applications 

      Reed, K.F. (2021-10-19)
      The Ruminant Farm Systems (RuFaS) model is a whole farm simulation model that tracks nutrient flows, transformations, losses, and exports from the herd, manure, fields, and feeds. In this update, progress is reviewed and ...