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    • 2020 Cornell Nutrition Conference Proceedings 

      Cornell University Department of Animal Science; Harvatine, K.J.; Jenkins, T.; McGee, D.; Place, S.; Ballou, M.; Davis, E.M.; Adesogan, A.T.; Arriola, K. G.; Harvatine, K.J.; Smith, K.M.; Grant, R.J.; Obata, A.; de Ondarza, M.B.; Emanuele, S.M.; Sniffe, C.J.; McArt, J.A.A.; Barbano, D.M.; Elrod, C.C.; Boyd, R.D.; Jackman, J.A.; Miller, M.D.; Tylutki, T.P.; Grant, R.J.; Molano, R.A; Ortega, D.; Drackley, J.K.; James, R.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Morrison, S.Y.; Fontoura, A.B.P.; McFadden, J.W.; Barrientos-Blanco, J.A.; Reed, K.F.; Kerwin, A.L.; Overton, T.R.; Tacoma-Fogal, R.; LaPierre, P.A.; Fredin, S.; Ross, D.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; McFadden, J.W.; Myers, W.A.; Overton, T.R.; Chase, L.E.; Reed, K.F.; Wood, E.M.; Portnoy, M.; Barbano, D. (2020-10)
      Complete proceedings of manuscripts written for the 2020 Cornell Nutrition Conference
    • 2021 Cornell Nutrition Conference - complete proceedings of manuscripts 

      Aldrich, J.A.; Kebreab, E.; Fouts, J.; Reed, K.F.; Tate, B.N.; Deys, M.M.; McFadden, J.W.; Kerwin, A.L.; Burhans, W.S.; Nydam, D.V.; Overton, T.R.; Mertens, D.R.; Tacoma-Fogal, R.; Cherney, J.H.; Cherney, D.J.R.; Barrientos-Blanco, J.A.; Graef, G..M.; Kerwin, A.L.; Ferro, L.N.; Ordaz-Puga, S.; Ryan, C.M.; Westhoff, T.A.; Barbano, D.M.; Glosson, K.M.; Zanzalari, K.P.; Chapman, J.D.; Overton, T.R.; Weiss, W.P; Benoit, A.C.; LaPierre, P.A.; Mechor, G.D.; Barbano, D.M.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Chase, L.E. (2021-10-19)
    • 2022 Cornell Nutrition Conference Proceedings 

      Bryan, K.A.; Lerner, S.P.; Tacoma-Fogal, R.; Boggess, M.; Cherney, J.H.; Cherney, D.J.R.; Digman, M.; Sainz de la Maza-Escola, V.; McFadden, J.W.; Westhoff, T.A.; Overton, T.R.; Mann, S.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; LaPierre, P.A.; Tacoma, H.; Rys, B.; Davison, S.; Morritt, W.; Ortega, A.F.; Zanotti, A.; Coombe, R.; Fox, N.; Marumo, J.; Coon, C.; Barbano, D.M.; Javaid, A.; Gonzalez, A.R.; Rico, D.E.; Grant, R.; Morrison, S.Y.; Chase, L.E.; Rodriguez-Jimenez, S.; Abeyta, M.A.; Goetz, B.M.; Opgenorth, J.; Freestone, A.D.; Combs, G.J.; Flemming, T.A.; Baumgard, L.A.; Brito, A.F.; DeVries, T.J.; Penner, G.B.; Govoni, K.E.; Barrientos-Blanco, J.A.; Reed, K.; Fontoura, A.B.P.; Lerner, S.P.; Bryan, K.A.; Burhans, W.S.; Rossiter-Burhans, C.A>; Davis, A.N. (2022-10-18)
    • Abomasal Infusions of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids to Evaluate Productive Efficiencies, and Energy and Amino Acid Utilization in Lactating Dairy Cattle 

      Ortega, A.F.; Zanotti, A.; Coombe, R.; Fox, N.; LaPierre, P.A.; Marumo, J.; Coon, C.; Barbano, D.M.; Van Amburgh, M.E. (2022-10-18)
    • Effect of Increasing Monensin Concentration on the Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Contemporary Diets 

      Benoit, A.C.; LaPierre, P.A.; Mechor, G.D.; Barbano, D.M.; Van Amburgh, M.E. (2021-10-19)
      This paper discusses a recent study conducted to evaluate a dose titration of Rumensin on high producing lactating cattle. Four levels of Rumensin were fed and milk yield, milk composition, feed efficiency and overall ...
    • Impact of Starch and Energy on Amino Acid Requirements of Lactating Dairy Cattle 

      LaPierre, P.A.; Fredin, S.; Ross, D.; Van Amburgh, M. (2020-10)
      Improved milk protein output and nitrogen use efficiency have been demonstrated in recent literature where cattle were given greater levels of glucogenic nutrients. This work evaluates this concept using optimal essential ...