Session Moderator: Anne Kenney, Senior Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Assessment, Cornell University Library.

Recent Submissions

  • LOCKSS: Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe 

    Reich, Victoria (2006-10-27)
    People with responsibility for scholarly assets agree that digital preservation is important. Tomorrow's readers will need today's materials; without preservation they won't exist. Librarians and publishers are asking two ...
  • The International e-Depot: e-Journal Archiving at the National Library of the Netherlands 

    Oltmans, Erik (2006-10-27)
    Electronic journals dominate the field of academic literature, and it is of great importance to the international scientific community that this electronic intellectual output remains accessible in perpetuity. It is ...
  • Portico: An Electronic Archiving Service 

    Fenton, Eileen (2006-10-27)
    The work of the academy ? research and teaching ? is not possible without reliable access to the accumulated scholarship of the past. One component of this scholarly record, academic journals, is increasingly electronic ? ...


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