National Academy of Engineering 2012 Regional Symposium “Toward a Sustainable Future”, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, May 16th, 2012.

This conference on Sustainability was organized by Norman R. Scott, former Vice President for Research at Cornell University.

Session 1 (Running Time: 2:16)

Topics: Norman Scott and David Skorton: “Introductory Remarks”; Frank DiSalvo: “Creating a Sustainable Future: What Role For Universities”; Lance Collins, Dean of Engineering; Jefferson Tester “Sustainable Energy – choosing among options when everything matters”; Tom O’Rourke “Critical Infrastructure, Hazards, and Sustainability”; Carla Gomes “Computational Sustainability: Computational Methods fro a Sustainable Environment, Economy, and Society.

Session 2 (Running time: 1:40)

Topics: Stuart L. Hart “Driving Sustainable Innovation from the Base of the Pyramid”; David Lee “Sustainability: economics, Environment and Equity”; Ronald Herring“What’s Science Go to Do With It? Politics of Sustainability”; Lance Davis “Closing Remarks”; Norman Scott “Closing Remarks and Credits”.

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