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    • A Century of Scholarship and Service: 100 Years of Rural and Development Sociology at Cornell 

      Zimmerman, Julie N. (Internet-First University Press, 2020-05-29)
      The author presents a sweeping, well-documented review of what was the first Department of Rural Sociology in the nation (now called the Department of Development Sociology). In it, the author identifies the evolving ...
    • An Incremental Directory of Contents of the Internet-First University Press 

      Cooke, J. Robert; King, Kenneth M.; Walcott, Charles (Internet-First University Press, 2020)
      This a complete, clickable, full-text searchable directory of all materials available from The Internet-First University Press on eCommons@Cornell. You can download this IFUP Directory and use it to browse IFUP’s vast ...
    • Charles Walcott is interviewed by Bruce Lewenstein 

      Walcott, Charles (2019)
      Walcott describes his work in communicating Science to the public. He starts with his role in "Discovery", one of the earliest programs from WGBH, Followed by producing "Exploring Nature" for WGBH's 21 inch classroom. He ...
    • A Conversation Between Nelson Hairston and Anurag Agrawal, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

      Walcott, Charles (2019)
      Nelson George Hairston. Jr. is a professor retiring from Cornell after 34 years in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In this video he describes his education, how he became interested in biology and his ...
    • Carl Hopkins, Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior Emeritus 

      Walcott, Charles (2019)
      Carl Hopkins is a professor emeritus, retired from the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell. In this video he describes his background, his research on the taxonomy and communication in electric fish from ...
    • The Substance of Civilization: Materials and Human History From the Stone Age to the Age of Silicon 

      Sass, Stephen L. (CornellCast, 2011-03-11)
      “How did materials help us become what we are today? Join Professor Stephen L. Sass as he discusses his book, The Substance of Civilization: Materials and Human History From the Stone Age to the Age of Silicon. “Materials ...
    • Kenneth I. Greisen Memorial Service 

      Unknown author (2019)
      Kenneth Greisen, Professor Emeritus of Physics is remembered as a cosmic ray physicists, member of the detonation system team for the Manhattan Project, graduate student mentor, physics teacher and re-designer of introductory ...
    • A Conversation with Sally McConnell-Ginet 

      McConnell-Ginet, Sally; March, Kathryn (Internet-First University Press, 2019)
      Professors Emeriti Sally McConnell-Ginet & Kathryn S. March discuss their lives, work, & friendship over the years since the founding of (then) Women's Studies (now Femininist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) at Cornell.
    • A Conversation with Ross Brann 

      Brann, Ross; Altschuler, Glenn (Internet-First University Press, 2019)
      Ross Brann studied at the University of California-Berkeley, the Hebrew University-Jerusalem, New York University, and the American University in Cairo. He has taught at Cornell since 1986 and served nineteen years as Chair ...
    • A Conversation with Malcolm Bilson 

      Bilson, Malcom; Moseley, Roger (Internet-First University Press, 2019)
      Malcolm Bilson, Frederick J. Whiton Professor of Music, Emeritus discusses these topics: His early years in Los Angeles, undergraduate degree Bard College, 1957, 3 years post-graduate study in Europe, seven years on the ...