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    • A study of the plow bottom and its action upon the furrow slice 

      White, Earl Archibald (Cornell University, 1917)
      This is the first Thesis produced by the Department of Biological Engineering at Conrell University in 1917.
    • Cornell University: Founders and the Founding 

      Becker, Carl L. (Cornell University Press, 1943)
      Six lectures delivered at Cornell University on the Messenger foundation in the year 1943, in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the opening of that institution in the year 1868: together with fifteen interesting but ...
    • Know Your Trees 

      Cope, J. A.; Winch, Fred E. Jr.; Cope, E. A. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1948)
      This publication describes 50 common trees native to New York State and other parts of the United States. The bark, twigs, winter buds, leaves, fruit, and distinguishing features of each are desribed in detail. Illustrations ...
    • The Cornell 300-Mev Synchrotron 

      Corson, Dale R.; DeWire, J. W.; McDaniel, B. D.; Wilson, R. R. (Office of Naval Research, 1953-07)
      This document is a companion piece to the Book: "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". It is a report written by Dale R. Corson and others in 1953 concerning the construction of the Cornell University Nuclear Synchrotron.
    • Analytical Elements of Mechanics, Volume 1 

      Kane, Thomas R. (Academic Press, 1959)
      This book is the first of two volumes for use in courses in classical mechanics in which students are taught to solve physically meaningful problems arising in a variety of fields. The content and format are based on the ...
    • Analytical Elements of Mechanics, Volume 2: Dynamics 

      Kane, Thomas R. (Academic Press, 1961)
      This book is the second of two volumes intended for use in courses in classical mechanics. This volume deals with dynamics. The symbolic language used is vector analysis. More than 100 illustrative examples and problems ...
    • Education & Agriculture: A History of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University 

      Colman, Gould P. (Cornell University Press, 1963)
      The College of Agriculture at Cornell University reveals through this history its contributions of nearly a century of continuous service.

      Block, H.D.; Cranch, E.T.; Hilton, P.J.; Walker, R.J. (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1964)
      "Engineering Mathematics" by H.D. Block, E.T. Cranch, P.J. Hilton and R.J. Walker was a two volume work that was written, published and first used as a text at Cornell University in 1964. The project was a cooperative ...
    • Vibratory Fruit Harvesting: High speed video of apple fruit-stem response to forcing direction and frequency 

      Parchomchuk, Peter (Cornell University, 1971)
      This high-speed video (10x) of an apple fruit-stem subjected to gradually increasing periodic excitation at the upper end of the stem (where attached to the tree branch) provides excellent experimental agreement with the ...

      Parchomchuk, Peter (Cornell University, 1971-06)
      This 1971 M.S. thesis studied the mechanical harvesting of fruits when subjected to periodic forced oscillations. A numerical study of a double physical pendulum model is compared with high-speed photographic studies of ...

      The purpose of this monograph is to describe a successful effort in agricultural assistance to China. The term "technical assistance" to an-other country came into general usage with the Truman Point Four Pro-gram, first ...
    • The Cornell- Los Baños Story 

      Turk, Kenneth L. (1974)
      The Cornell- Los Baños Story by Dr. Kenneth Turk documents the dramatic two decades of Cornell's involvement with the rebuilding of the University of the Philippines at Los Baños after that university was severely damaged ...
    • All in a Grain of Rice 

      Castillo, Gelia T. (1975)
      Dr. Gelia Castillo is one of the many outstanding persons in the mid 20th century history of Cornell and The Philippines. She earned the Ph.D degree in Rural Sociology at Cornell in the1960s and has since become internationally ...
    • Knowledge, Perception, and Memory 

      Ginet, Carl (D. Reidel Publishing Co., 1975)
      This book attempts a general definition of what it is to know that a thing is so. The book gives accounts of two fundamentally important kinds of knowledge: that based on perception and that based on memory. Regarding the ...
    • New Concepts of Cattle Growth 

      Berg, Roy T.; Butterfield, Rex M. (Sydney University Press, University of Sydney, 1976)
      The concepts in this book about growth and development of cattle are as new now to most cattle producers and even to many animal scientists as they were when it was first published in 1976. Genetic effects - represented ...
    • Consumer Economics at Cornell: A Chronicle 

      Bymers, Gwen (Department of Consumer Economics and Housing, 1979)
    • Seven decades that changed America : a history of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1907-1977 

      Stewart, Robert E. (St. Joseph, Mich. : The Society, 1979)
      A history of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1907-1977.
    • Reminiscence in the Field of Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology 

      Leonard, Samuel L. (Internet-First University Press, 1979-02-27)
      Professor Emeritus Sam Leonard modestly recounts some of his illustrious career starting in the 1920s. Most of the seminar was devoted to early research on the various endocrine glands and their secretions by pioneering ...
    • Mathematical Analysis of Pressure Chamber: EFFLUX EXPERIMENTS 

      Stroshine, Richard L. (Cornell University, 1980-05)
      The Scholander pressure chamber is one of several devices used to study the water relations of green plants. For field work it can be used to rapidly measure leaf water potential, and for laboratory studies it can be used ...
    • More Other Homes and Garbage: Designs for Self-sufficient Living 

      Leckie, Jim; Masters, Gil; Whitehouse, Harry; Young, Lily (Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1981)
      Population growth, resource depletion, unstable ecosystems, and economic strains are some of the interlinked and uncertain hazards that deteriorate the life experiences of people. Conservation of resources and greater ...