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  • Vibratory Fruit Harvesting: High speed video of apple fruit-stem response to forcing direction and frequency 

    Parchomchuk, Peter (Cornell University, 1971)
    This high-speed video (10x) of an apple fruit-stem subjected to gradually increasing periodic excitation at the upper end of the stem (where attached to the tree branch) provides excellent experimental agreement with the ...
  • A Conversation with André Jagendorf 

    Jagendorf, André; Turgeon, Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2016-09-08)
    On September 8, 2016 André discussed his life journey with colleague, Robert Turgeon, a professor in the Plant Biology Section.
  • Survey of the Avian Alimentary Tract 

    Crompton, DWT; Nesheim, MC (Internet-First University Press, 2016)
    This Survey of the Alimentary Tract of Birds, includes drawings of the alimentary tract of 151 birds from 52 families. Also included are radiographs of the digestive system of the domestic fowl as well as whole body ...
  • Agronomy at Cornell 

    Cline, Marlin G. (The Internet-First University Press. ©2016 Cornell University, 2016-07-12)
    The account which follows focuses on the subject matter within the Department of Agronomy as of 1980, namely soils, production of field crops other than vegetables and fruit, and atmospheric science. That combination is ...
  • The Early Years of Academic Computing: A Memoir by Douglas S. Gale 

    Unknown author (The Internet-First University Press, 2016-04)
    This is from a collection of reflections/memoirs concerning the early years of academic computing, emphasizing the period when Cornell developed its own decentralized computing environments and networking became a national ...

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