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    • A Conversation with John F. Booker 

      Booker, John F.; Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-18)
    • A Conversation with Cindy Noble 

      Noble, Cindy; Cooke, J. Robert (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-17)
    • A Conversation with Jean Robinson 

      Robinson, Jean R. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-17)
      This video is about A Conversation with Jean Robinson.
    • A Conversation with Francis Moon 

      Moon, Francis C.; Abel, John F. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-11)
    • A History of the Agricultural Museum at Cornell University and Its Collections 

      Rehkugler, Gerald E. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-01)
      At the beginning of Cornell University there was interest in acquiring collections of materials pertinent to studies at this revolutionary institution. Numerous museums were created with collections from all over the ...
    • A Conversation with James W. Spencer 

      Spencer, James W.; Cooke, J. Robert (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-17)
      The legacy of Professor Emeritus James W. Spencer is traced from his days as a Cornell undergraduate in civil engineering. In 1951 Jim began his work as a faculty member in agricultural engineering at Cornell on farm-to-market ...
    • A Conversation with Dotsevi Y. Sogah 

      Sogah, Dotsevi Y.; Hoffmann, Roald (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-13)
      The research interests of Professor Dotsevi Y. Sogah, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, are in nanotechnology, biomaterials, electronic materials, biodegradable materials, and environmentally benign materials. He is best ...
    • A Conversation with Jack H Freed 

      Freed, Jack H; Crane, Brian (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-13)
      Jack H Freed, the Frank and Robert Laughlin Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, describes his experiences in his early years, including his education, leading to his ...
    • A Conversation with Edmund T. Cranch 

      Cranch, Edmund T.; Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-10-27)
      This former dean of engineering, Edmund T. Cranch, gave a wide-ranging, 97 minute interview that was led by friend and colleague, Frank C. Moon . He recounts how he was drawn to a career in engineering. After employment ...
    • A Conversation with Howard E. Evans 

      Evans, Howard E.; Hermanson, John W. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-10-27)
      Howard E. Evans, an emeritus member of the Cornell Veterinary Faculty, was interviewed by John W. Hermanson on October 27, 2012. Evans describes how his interests brought him to Cornell, where his studies were interrupted ...
    • A Conversation with Malden C. Nesheim 

      Nesheim, Malden C.; Scott, Norman R. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-10-27)
      On October 27, 2012 Malden C. Nesheim, who was Cornell’s Provost 1989-1995, was interviewed by Norman R. Scott. They discussed his early years on an Illinois farm, his studies in animal nutrition at the University of ...
    • A Conversation with Robert A. Plane 

      Plane, Robert A.; Hughes, Robert E. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-09-08)
      Robert A. Plane, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, discussed his multifaceted, distinguished career with colleague Robert Hughes on September 8, 2012. He described his path into chemistry, how he came to co-author with ...
    • A Conversation with Richard P. Korf 

      Korf, Richard P.; Zaitlin, Milton (Interviewer) (The Internet-First University Press ©2012 Cornell University, 2012-02-17)
      Richard Korf, long-time member of the Plant Pathology Faculty in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, in an interview by Prof. Milton Zaitlin on February 17, 2012 described his department’s early history and the ...
    • A Celebration of the Life of Barlow Ware 

      Unknown author (Internet-First University Press, 2012-02-05)
      (William) Barlow Ware (1925–2011), the consummate Cornellian, was remembered fondly in two ceremonies in Ithaca on February 5, 2012. At St. John’s Episcopal Church he was eulogized for his dedicated, exemplary service to ...
    • A Conversation with Francis J DiSalvo 

      DiSalvo, Francis J; Abruña, Héctor D (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-01-12)
      "A Conversation with Francis J DiSalvo" is a contribution from the Oral History Project of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Frank DiSalvo, the John A. Newman Professor of Physical Science and Director of ...
    • Antique Veterinary Instruments 

      King, John M. (Internet-First University Press, 2012)
      Professor John M. King, professor emeritus of veterinary pathology, assembled a landmark collection of antique tools used in the early days of veterinary medicine (many from the Civil War era) and provides a guided tour ...
    • Chaos, Levitation and Sculpture: Overlapping Circles of Creativity 

      Moon, Francis C. (Internet-First University Press, 2012)
      This is lecture, given in spring 1996 as part of Prof. James McConkey’s cross-disciplinary course on Mind and Memory. Prof. Frank Moon presents a lecture/demonstration on his pioneering work on magnetic levitation of trains ...
    • A Conversation with Royse P. Murphy 

      Murphy, Royse P.; Viands, Donald R. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2011-11-22)
      Abstract: Royse Peak Murphy, native of Norton, Kansas and survivor of the Dust Bowl experience, the Great Depression, then World War II, joined the Cornell Faculty in 1946. His main focus has been plant breeding, releasing ...
    • CALS Alumni Awards 2011 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Producer) (Internet-First University Press, 2011-11-04)
      On November 4, 2011 The CALS Alumni Association and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences honored alumni of the college who have achieved recognized success in their businesses, professions, or other avocational ...
    • A Conversation with Robert Hughes – Interview by Ben Widom 

      Hughes, Robert E.; Widom, Ben (Internet-First University Press, 2011-10-17)
      Robert E. Hughes recounts his life-journey covering his early years in NYC, military service, higher education and post-Ph.D. work, his time at Penn and his return to Cornell. He oversaw the highly-regarded Materials ...