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  • Joycelyn Hart Memorial (2007) 

    Unknown author (Internet-First University Press, 2007-09-22)
    "Joycelyn R. Hart, 80, Cornell associate vice president emerita for human relations and the first African-American woman in Cornell's senior administration, died Aug. 6 at her Ithaca home after a brief illness.
  • A Conversation with Jean Robinson 

    Robinson, Jean R. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-17)
    This video is about A Conversation with Jean Robinson.
  • A Conversation with Cindy Noble 

    Noble, Cindy; Cooke, J. Robert (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-17)
  • A Conversation with Francis Moon 

    Moon, Francis C.; Abel, John F. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-11)
  • A Conversation with John F. Booker 

    Booker, John F.; Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-04-18)
  • Birth of the American University 

    Frey, Brian (2004)
    Cornell: Birth of the American University, chronicles the founding of one of the great institutions of learning in the United States, focusing on the two extraordinary men, Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, whose ...
  • A History of the Agricultural Museum at Cornell University and Its Collections 

    Rehkugler, Gerald E. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-01)
    At the beginning of Cornell University there was interest in acquiring collections of materials pertinent to studies at this revolutionary institution. Numerous museums were created with collections from all over the ...
  • A Conversation with Howard E. Evans 

    Evans, Howard E.; Hermanson, John W. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-10-27)
    Howard E. Evans, an emeritus member of the Cornell Veterinary Faculty, was interviewed by John W. Hermanson on October 27, 2012. Evans describes how his interests brought him to Cornell, where his studies were interrupted ...
  • A Conversation with Edmund T. Cranch 

    Cranch, Edmund T.; Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-10-27)
    This former dean of engineering, Edmund T. Cranch, gave a wide-ranging, 97 minute interview that was led by friend and colleague, Frank C. Moon . He recounts how he was drawn to a career in engineering. After employment ...
  • A Conversation with Malden C. Nesheim 

    Nesheim, Malden C.; Scott, Norman R. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-10-27)
    On October 27, 2012 Malden C. Nesheim, who was Cornell’s Provost 1989-1995, was interviewed by Norman R. Scott. They discussed his early years on an Illinois farm, his studies in animal nutrition at the University of ...
  • A Conversation with Jack H Freed 

    Freed, Jack H; Crane, Brian (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-13)
    Jack H Freed, the Frank and Robert Laughlin Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, describes his experiences in his early years, including his education, leading to his ...
  • A Conversation with Robert A. Plane 

    Plane, Robert A.; Hughes, Robert E. (Internet-First University Press, 2012-09-08)
    Robert A. Plane, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, discussed his multifaceted, distinguished career with colleague Robert Hughes on September 8, 2012. He described his path into chemistry, how he came to co-author with ...
  • A Conversation with Dotsevi Y. Sogah 

    Sogah, Dotsevi Y.; Hoffmann, Roald (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-13)
    The research interests of Professor Dotsevi Y. Sogah, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, are in nanotechnology, biomaterials, electronic materials, biodegradable materials, and environmentally benign materials. He is best ...
  • A Conversation with James W. Spencer 

    Spencer, James W.; Cooke, J. Robert (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-17)
    The legacy of Professor Emeritus James W. Spencer is traced from his days as a Cornell undergraduate in civil engineering. In 1951 Jim began his work as a faculty member in agricultural engineering at Cornell on farm-to-market ...
  • Artifical Insemination: The First Great Animal Biotechnology (1941) 

    Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
    This is a Lecture by Prof. Robert H. Foote on Artificial Insemination which was the first great Animal Biotechnology.
  • Antigone (script, video segments and commentary) 

    Feldshuh, David; Booth, Dan; Rusten, Jeffrey (Internet-First University Press, 2003)
    In Fall 2003, Sophocles' Antigone was a prominent topic on the Cornell campus. Chosen for the 2003 New Student Reading Project, it was assigned reading for all incoming students over the summer. Upon their arrival ...
  • Faculty Handbook 2002 Seventh Edition, Cornell University 

    University Faculty, Office of the (Office of the University Faculty, 2002)
    This seventh edition of the Faculty Handbook, like its predecessors, is issued by the Office of the University Faculty and is intended primarily " provide information for the general guidance of faculty members, ...
  • Hans A. Bethe: Celebrating "An Exemplary Life" (Complete DVD Contents) 

    Cooke, J. Robert (editor) (Internet-First University Press, 2005-09-18)
    The Complete contents of the DVD: "Hans A. Bethe: Celebrating "An Exemplary Life" are presented here as a streaming format and as mobile device video downloads. Speakers included Hunter R. Rawlings III, President, Cornell ...
  • Frank Rhodes, President of the American Philosophical Society, Presents the Benjamin Franklin Medal 

    Rhodes, Frank H. T. (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
    Frank Rhodes, President of the American Philosophical Society, Presents the Benjamin Franklin Medal [0:06:10] Three days after his death at the age of 98, Hans Bethe, one of the most honored scientists ever to grace ...
  • Janus Conference Proceedings Video (Part 6): Closing Session 

    Thomas, Sarah; Schottlaender, Brian (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
    This is a video of the closing session of the Janus Conference with Sarah Thomas and Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian, University of California, San Diego discussing the resolution and next steps from the conference.

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