For 69 years, F.G. Marcham was a Mr. Chips who taught English history at Cornell University and served as a university trustee, boxing couch, author, village mayor, advisor and friend to generations of students, alumni, and townspeople.

His story is shown in video, audio, photographs, and his frank written views on teaching, the workings of Cornell, athletics, nature, life, and faith.

Included are:

  • Seven books (totaling 718 pages):
    • On Teaching
    • Cornell Notes: 1898 to WWII
    • Cornell Notes: WWII to 1968
    • Britons and Cornellians
    • Cornell: Athletics, Wartime, and Summing Up
    • Beliefs: Essays and Nine Rules to Live By
    • Photographs
  • Two videos (totaling one hour and nine minutes):
    • Walter LaFeber, a history department colleague of Fred Marcham, interviewed by John Marcham, discusses the Legacy of Fred Marcham at Cornell
    • One of the last classes taught by Prof. Marcham, in which he discusses his 'Rules to Live By', that are discussed more fully in his memoirs on Beliefs.
  • Two audio tracks (totaling one hour and 38 minutes)
    • Prof. Marcham talking about Job at Sage Chapel
    • The Memorial Service held in Prof. Marcham's honor (with speakers: President Frank H.T. Rhodes, Judge John Conable, Prof. Walter LaFeber and John Marcham)
  • Two obituaries (in PDF and video files)
    • University Faculty Memorial Statement
    • The Cornell Chronicle

Available as a DVD from Internet-First University Press

Recent Submissions

  • Memorial Service for Frederick G. Marcham (audio) 

    Johnson, Rev. Robert L.; Rhodes, Frank H.T.; Conable, John S.; LaFeber, Walter F.; Marcham, John; Lewis, Rev. Jack (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
    A memorial service for Prof. Marcham at Sage Chapel, Cornell, Jan. 24, 1993. Length: 1:13:51
  • A Talk on Job at Sage Chapel (audio) 

    Marcham, Frederick G. (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
    Prof. Marcham reads from and comments on the Book of Job, March 29, 1992, in the Cornell University chapel. Length: 14:27,
  • A Last Class (Taught by Frederick Marcham) 

    Marcham, Frederick G. (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
    Prof. Marcham discusses his life and his Rules to Live By with the 1991 last meeting of a Cornell University course. Length 28:44.
  • The Legacy of Frederick G. Marcham 

    LaFeber, Walter F.; Marcham, John (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
    The life and career of Prof. Frederick G. Marcham (1898-1992) who taught English history at Cornell University for 69 years. Length 41:44.
  • The Photographs of Frederick G. Marcham 

    Marcham, John (DeWitt Historical Society of Tompkins County, Ithaca, NY, 2000)
    Frederick George Marcham is remembered in Ithaca, New York, as a professor, teacher, and public official, hardly at all as a photographer. Some colleagues at Cornell University knew he collected prints and that in 1970 he ...

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