This college, an integral part of Cornell for more than 130 years, has a distinguished tradition in urban policy and planning; architectural design, history, and theory; and the practice of art as well as cultural and visual studies. Offering innovative and flexible programs that combine the liberal arts with professional education, it provides students with the personal environment of a small college within the enormous range of opportunities to be found in a major university.

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  • The Life and Death of the American Pedestrian Mall 

    Matuke, Samantha (2019-08)
    Planners enthusiastically implement pedestrian malls across America, without fully understanding their failure in the 20th century. To ensure new malls avoid economic decline, increased crime, increased vacancy, or low ...
  • Collected Fictions: Some Masterpieces 

    Boletto, Ottavia; Zau, Christina; Judge-Tyson, Morgan; Lee, Ji Eun; Dmitrashchuk, Aleksandr; Munoz, Jorge Alberto; Ely, Catie; Yu, Linjun; Xu, Jicheng; Xu, Tianjun; Kim, Hyung Joon; Wei, Jiaying; Zhang, Yilin; Gil, Fabiana; Berenger, Robin; Rubin, Nicole; Wong, Andrew (AAP College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell University, 2017)
    The Collected Fictions Project explores the blurry boundaries of our memory in understanding architecture masterpieces. The role of photography in massively disseminating those works is clear, as it is also in trying to ...
  • Connecting Natural and Societal Domains for Sustainable Rural Community-based Water Systems in Odisha, India 

    Mendhekar, Disha (Cornell University, 2017-08-21)
    The purpose of this thesis is to develop a conceptual framework for analyzing whether the interactions between natural and societal domains of rural drinking water infrastructure are complementary in nature. Much of this ...
  • Planning for Urban Biodiversity in a Divided World 

    Pierce, Jennifer (Cornell University, 2015-01)
    Despite over two decades of effort, biodiversity loss has persisted at increasing rates. Interests focus on protection of key habitats, while the drivers of biodiversity loss continue unabated. With repeated failure to ...

    Hochreiter, Jaclyn (2016-08-01)
    Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law (Act 148) created a fresh set of opportunities as well as challenges for the rural state’s businesses and residences alike. Enacted in 2012, this law was the first to ban statewide ...

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