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    • A History of Grape Growing in the Eastern United States 

      Gladwin, Fred Elmer (The Rural Publishing Co., 1931)
      Originally published as a serialized article in eleven parts in "Rural New Yorker" volume XC, 1931. Reproduced in 2007 in accordance with copyright law. Contains brief biographical note on Gladwin and individual full ...
    • A history of pomology and viticulture at Geneva 

      Way, Roger D. (1986)
      History of the Department of Pomology and Viticulture (under various names) at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY. Covers evolution of dept. and history of development of various important ...
    • Viticulture of Eastern North America 

      Einset, John (1976)
      Includes history, current research, extensive grape variety descriptions (including parentage and evaluations).