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dc.contributor.authorWeir, Richard III
dc.contributor.authorGood, George
dc.description.abstractThe Cornell Guide for Planting and Maintaining Trees and Shrubs is a benchmark text written for professional horticulturists and home owners alike. Includes reliable tips for properly selecting plants from nurseries, guidance for appropriate site selection, transplanting processes and schedules, drainage management, and soil preparation. Important tasks immediately following planting - from watering, mulching, staking and wrapping, to pruning, fertilizing and anti-desiccant application provide professionals and hobbyists with knowledge to ensure their trees and shrubs flourish and thrive. Regular maintenance practices, including tips for protecting plants during construction, and the importance of monitoring for insect and disease problems are included. Includes numerous drawings, tables, tips, historical references, and a glossary with important terms.en_US
dc.format.extent8529353 bytes
dc.publisherCornell Cooperative Extensionen_US
dc.subjectcaliper, soil ph, compaction, drainage, inoculum, biostimulants, mycorrhizae, desiccation, volcano mulchingen_US
dc.titleThe Cornell Guide for Planting and Maintaining Trees and Shrubsen_US

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