This is a collection of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology reports and datasets. Submission is limited to authorized individuals only.

Recent Submissions

  • Data and code from: Does the seagrass microbiome mediate risk of disease? 

    Graham, Olivia J.; Adamczyk, Emily M.; Schenk, Siobhan; Dawkins, Phoebe; Burke​, Samantha; Chei​, Emily; Cisz, Kaitlyn; Dayal​, Sukanya; Elstner, ​Jack; Hausner, Arjun Lev Pillai; Hughes, Taylor; Manglani, Omisha; McDonald, Miles; Mikles, Chloe; Poslednik, Anna; Vinton, Audrey; Parfrey, Laura Wegener; Harvell, C. Drew (2021-03-17)
    These files contain data and scripts supporting all results reported in Graham et al. paper, "Does the seagrass microbiome mediate risk of disease?". In Graham et al., we found: Microbial communities strongly influence the ...
  • Data from: A private channel of nitrogen alleviates interspecific competition for an annual legume 

    Elias, Jacob D.; Agrawal, Anurag A. (2021-05-24)
    The way resource availability predictably alters interspecific interactions and may favor one resource-acquisition strategy over another is critical for understanding context dependency. The ubiquity of nitrogen (N) ...
  • Data from: Developmental temperature predicts the adult response to stressors in a free-living passerine 

    Uehling, Jennifer J; Taff, Conor C; Winkler, David W; Vitousek, Maren N (2019)
    Early life conditions can have substantial effects on the ways animals respond to stressors as adults. In particular, thermal conditions during development affect juveniles’ responses to stressors, and there is evidence ...
  • Vascular Plant Species of the Cayuga Region of New York State 

    Wesley, F. Robert; Gardescu, Sana; Marks, P. L. (2008-01-01)
    This dataset lists the vascular plants found in a region of central New York State extending from 42 N to 43 N, and 76 W to 77 W (the USGS "Cayuga Quadrangle"), plus a small area north of 43 degrees in the "Cayuga Lake ...
  • Organic and Conventional Farming Systems: Environmental and Economic Issues. 

    Pimentel, David; Hepperly, Paul; Hanson, James; Seidel, Rita; Douds, David (2005-07)
  • Water resources, agriculture and the environment. 

    Pimentel, David; Berger, Bonnie; David, Filiberto; Newton, Michelle; Wolfe, Benjamin; Karabinakis, Elizabeth; Clark, Steven; Poon, Elaine; Abbett, Elizabeth; Nandagopal, Sudha (2004-07)
    In this article, water utilization by individuals and especially agricultural systems is analyzed. Interrelationships exist among population growth, water use and distribution, the status of biodiversity, the natural ...


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