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dc.contributor.authorWinrock, Cori A.en_US
dc.descriptionA winner of the Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts, this work originates from English 1187, Writing About Literature: Literature and the Laboratory. This assignment focuses on the construction of different types of paragraphs, beginning with two published examples and then moving into the students' work. Students work in pairs on recomposing two different types of chopped-up paragraphs. The first paragraph is virtually impossible to reassemble, while the second paragraph has two or three constructions that could work. Discussion in class concerns how to structure a paragraph that creates a clear argument. The students then bring their own disassembled paragraphs to class and work in pairs to see if their peers can reassemble them. Doing so helps to create a connection between published work and the work that students are producing themselves. 7 page pdfen_US
dc.titleThe Return of the Paragraph!en_US
dc.typelearning objecten_US

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