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dc.contributor.authorLirette, Christopheren_US
dc.descriptionA winner of the Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts, this work originates from English 1147, The Mystery in the Story. The sequence of exercises is designed for a two-fold purpose: foremost, to make students conscious of the decisions writers make when creating a "voice" and of the results of those decisions; and secondly, to make students examine their own stylistic decisions that contribute to their voices. Students analyze and imitate the hardboiled prose style of Raymond Chandler, focusing on how particular usages of passive/active voice, vocabulary, figurative language, and diction can imbue the text with a certain message (potentially a morality, ideology, aesthetic framework, or attitude) as much as the content can—if not more. 6 page pdfen_US
dc.titleHardboiled: Noir Style Sequenceen_US
dc.typelearning objecten_US

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