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dc.contributor.authorCastillo, Gelia T.
dc.description.abstractDr. Gelia Castillo is one of the many outstanding persons in the mid 20th century history of Cornell and The Philippines. She earned the Ph.D degree in Rural Sociology at Cornell in the1960s and has since become internationally recognized for her research and professional works on Philippine agricultural and rural development. She returned to The Philippines where, according to the National Academy of Science and Technology there, she "has given us much needed insights on our own rural development effort and our attempt to reach the farmer and the rural poor." With the permission of the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture, we have reproduced her extraordinary book All in a Grain of Rice (1975), the first book written by a Filipina about the Filipino farmer's response to new technology.en_US
dc.subjectrice technologyen_US
dc.titleAll in a Grain of Riceen_US

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