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    • NCore website 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      NCore is the the NSDL open-source suite of tools and services used for creating production digital libraries, such as, repository systems, and content-rich STEM learning environments. A core function of the NSDL ...
    • NSDL Collection System 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The NCore Collection System (NCS) creates and manages collections of XML metadata or XML content within a data repository such as the NSDL Data Repository. The NCS is a flexible, XML schema-driven service that provides a ...
    • NSDL Communications and Promotional materials 

      NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
      An online archive of the communications and marketing documents produced by the NSDL Project. This includes presentations, news releases, annual reports, and conference materials.
    • NSDL Developer Toolkits 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      NCore software developer toolkits was developed for tool and service builders as a one-stop package for finding and installing the necessary components to develop new NCore applications. The software for the Developer ...
    • NSDL EduPak 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      EduPak version 1.0 is a lightweight version of the NCore open-source digital library platform specifically designed to meet the needs of national educational organizations and institutions focused on establishing specialized ...
    • NSDL Expert Voices 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      ExpertVoices was built on the open source multi-user WordPress blogging system to encourage STEM conversations among scientists, teachers and students. The NSDL ExpertVoices plugins integrated with the repository via the ...
    • NSDL Focus on Educaton 

      NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
      An electronic newsletter for educators published by the NSDL project (3 issues). The link goes to the archived version of the newsletter issues.
    • NSDL Harvest Service 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The Harvest Manager is used to administer the collections within the repository and communicates with the NSDL's ingest process to manage the automatic gathering and aggregation of OAI-PMH metadata from outside collectors. ...
    • NSDL Network (community website) 

      NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
      A website created to as a place to build and strengthen the connections within the NSDL Community Network. There is a link to the preserved version and to the live version.
    • NSDL OnRamp 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      OnRamp is an extensible NSDL content and communications management system designed to bring editors, authors, reviewers, photographers and media specialists from scientific and educational communities together to create, ...
    • NSDL Reflections 

      NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
      This site was created as a place for NSDL participants to “tell the story” of how they think NSDL was formed, grew and is continuing to grow. And for the community to discuss and learn from these reflections. There is a ...
    • NSDL Repository Service 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The NCore Repository uses Fedora open source repository software to model and manage digital objects such as resources, metadata, and agents. Fedora provides digital object and repository administrative functions as well ...
    • NSDL Search Service 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The Search Service allowed users to search for and find resources in the digital library. Search queries can access Dublin Core metadata stored in the NSDL Data Repository (or another NCore repository), or the text content ...
    • NSDL Strand Maps Service 

      University of Colorado at Boulder and Digital Learning Sciences (2013-11-06)
      The Strand Map Service is a tool that illustrates connections between concepts as well as how concepts build upon one another across grade levels. The SMS is is based on the strand maps developed by Project 2061 at the ...
    • NSDL Technical Network services website 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The content and code for an NSDL organizational website with information about how to use the NSDL Technical Network Services (TNS) along with links to hands-on documentation and and use cases. This gateway web site connects ...
    • NSDL ToolTimes Seminars 

      NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
      An online archive of the NSDL Tooltimes recordings. NSDL Tooltimes are one-hour web conferences in which projects shared their services and collections with the NSDL community.
    • NSDL Whiteboard Report 

      NSDL Project; Minton Morris, Carol (2013-11-06)
      An electronic newsletter published bi-weekly from 2001-2009 by the NSDL project. Over 100 issues of news, events, bookmarks, and inspiration were shared with the NSDL community. The link goes to the archived version of ...
    • NSDL Wiki 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      Utilizing MediaWiki, NSDL’s Wiki provided a collaborative online environment where users could organize, create, and annotate resources. Vetted articles and referenced resources could then be added to the library from the ...