The NSDL Project Archive provides access to project assets generated by the National Science Digital Library community. The archive includes open source software downloads, marketing and communications materials, and websites created by and for the project. NSDL was primarily administered and developed by a team of researchers and staff from Cornell University and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). This core team collaborated with many other institutions and sub-projects in creating the repository. continues to be an online science library with links to high quality science, technology, engineering, and math resources for K-12 teachers, faculty, librarians, students and informal learners. The NSDL Project was funded through a series of grants made by the Directorate for Education and Human Resources at the National Science Foundation.

Recent Submissions

  • NSDL Whiteboard Report 

    NSDL Project; Minton Morris, Carol (2013-11-06)
    An electronic newsletter published bi-weekly from 2001-2009 by the NSDL project. Over 100 issues of news, events, bookmarks, and inspiration were shared with the NSDL community. The link goes to the archived version of ...
  • NSDL Reflections 

    NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
    This site was created as a place for NSDL participants to “tell the story” of how they think NSDL was formed, grew and is continuing to grow. And for the community to discuss and learn from these reflections. There is a ...
  • NSDL Network (community website) 

    NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
    A website created to as a place to build and strengthen the connections within the NSDL Community Network. There is a link to the preserved version and to the live version.
  • NSDL Focus on Educaton 

    NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
    An electronic newsletter for educators published by the NSDL project (3 issues). The link goes to the archived version of the newsletter issues.
  • AskNSDL 

    Syracuse University School of Information Sciences (2013-11-06)
    AskNSDL was created as a virtual reference desk service to provide information from experts to NSDL visitors via a question and answer format. The link goes to the archived version of the service.

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