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    • Forage Moisture Determination (NRAES 59) 

      Brusewitz, Gerald H.; Pitt, Ronald E.; Chase, Larry E.; Collins, Michael; Delwiche, Stephen R.; Garthe, James W.; Muck, Richard E. (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), 1993-03)
      This publication is intended for forage producers, extension specialists, consultants, and researchers. Part I is an overview of forage moisture determination and describes proper procedures for collecting samples. Part ...
    • Forage Production for Pasture-Based Livestock Production (NRAES 172) 

      Abaye, A.Ozzie; Basden, Thomas J.; Byers, Robert A.; Clark, E. Ann; Cropper, James B.; Curran, William S.; Green, James T.; Hall, Marvin H.; Karsten, Heather; Khan, Badruddin Ali; Murphy, William M.; Owens, Lloyd B.; Pennypacker, Barbara W.; Peterson, Paul R.; Rayburn, Edward B.; Schnabel, Ronald R.; Sharpley, Andrew N.; Stout, William L.; Tracy, Benjamin F.; Vough, Lester R. (Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES), 2006)
      Essential information on forage production discussing: plant morphology, ecology, and management; soil fertility; nutrient management; impacts of grazing; pests, weeds, and diseases; and establishing forage stands.
    • Forage Utilization for Pasture-Based Livestock Production (NRAES 173) 

      Rayburn, E. B.; Abaye, A. O.; Bartlett, Benjamin B.; Murphy, William M.; Belesky, David P.; Peterson, Paul R.; Benson, Geoffrey A.; Poore, Matthew H.; Bryan, William B.; Rayburn, Edward B.; Cherney, Jerome H.; Rotz, C. Alan; Comerford, John W.; Sanderson, Matt A.; Cropper, James B.; Scott, Michael E.; Green, James T.; Soder, Kathy J.; Hall, Marvon H.; Tracy, Benjamin F.; Vollborn, Edward M. (Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES), 2007-02)
      Essential information on grazing management and harvesting excess forage for livestock produced in a pasture-based system including chapters on fencing, watering systems, lanes and feeding pads, animal-handling facilities, ...
    • Hay & Silage Fires (FS 10) 

      Murphy, D.J.; Campbell, J.K.; Baker, L.D. (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), 1978-11)
    • Pasture in the Northeast Region of the United States: Workshop Proceedings (NRAES 36 - FRONT MATTER ONLY) 

      Northeast Pasture Management Coordinating Committee; Northeast National Technical Center; Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service; Cropper, James B. (United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, Northeast National Technical Center, 1989)
      Fourteen million acres of pastureland exist in the Northeast. Of all the major land uses it is the least managed. Many a pasture has never seen a bit of lime other than what was inadvertently tracked from the barn floor ...
    • Silage and Hay Preservation (NRAES 5) 

      Pitt, Ronald E. (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), 1990-08)